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Japan burns...

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good Morning!

[Monday Riddle!]

※ Problem: [ Kindergarden, Elementary School. Inside which one, stand the biggest Adults? ]

(TN: Translation may not be completely accurate, Sorry!)


(197th day of 2018)

Public Holiday Monday, today it's burning more than yesterday.

A terribly hot beginning of the Monday.

Today, we had the privilege to do a Pre-Show Promo Performance for the Kogakuin School. (TN: Aki & Ucchy San studied here. Currently rehearsing LIVE Show here)

We felt nervous at the Lecture Theater, so we didn’t say a thing (LOL) It would be nice if the students came to see the Show, I think.

And, in this hot Monday, France became Champion, Congratulations! Croatia was really strong, a worthy vice-champion!

It was a great tournament. I look forward to it again in 4 years.


(198th day of 2018)

Same as yesterday, WORLD ORDER appeared today at the Lecture Theater at the end of class.

After that, training started; today all the performers gathered for the first time in a while, and I asked the Acting School professor to come too;

It became a loving, but strict practice. Me too, I was challenged by the Drama Practice and was dripping sweaty. It became a stimulating time for both Members and actors.

We will practice Dancing from next week as well...

We’re reaching for a more emotionally moving show, everyone.

Please look forward to it.


(199th day of 2018)

Even 40°C in the Gifu prefecture...

the recent heat is really terrible...

it’s abnormally hot.

The sunset seen from the practice hall is beautiful today as well.

Every day, the real thing is getting closer and closer.

We’ll make a LIVE Show that will certainly remain enjoyable.

So, please come and take a look!


(200th day of 2018)

A huge Paper wasp Nest…

it’s scorching hot today too.

When it comes to summer, what is not to be missed? (TN: Pic - チューペット - Chu-Pet, a frozen soft-drink Candy)

*snap* and break it, after a Bath or a Shower, something crunchy, always in stock in the freezer.

And, frozen Broccoli. This one… is delicious!

In Summer, my freezer is bulging full.