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Burning up the Night

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good Morning!

[Monday Riddle!]

※ Problem: [ What comes out when subtracting "も" (too) from "は" (is)? ]

(TN: Translation may not be completely accurate, Sorry!)


(197th day of 2018) (sic)

Today we have 40°C in Tokyo

(゜δ゜●;;)” Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! Because I could feel the breezy on my Bike… I did not know it, but... when I left for practice the sweating would not stop… 40… The same grade! Next year it’ll be 41 ℃, temperatures also seem to be rising with age... Earth, please send us some Breeze! We too, would like to deliver some pleasant wind to the Performance. This week as well, Fight!


(204th day of 2018) (sic)

Temperatures sank a little bit today… around 3°C, I wonder if it'll become pleasant… What’s 37°C...? Hot.

The temperature average deviation is higher today.The same as my Studies efficiency, constant… Yay!

After the Practice, together with a Senior Actor, an Ucchy's contemporary fellow from the Bungaku Company and someone who helped me during my studies, all 4 Gentlemen went for Drinks.

We had a somehow refreshing time. Before going back, I drank a glass of 75.5 ℃ burning Liquor...

My hands burned, my throat burned.

Burning up the sweltering night with hot liquor, it was such a Tuesday.

We had a great time.


(205th day of 2018)

Hot, my package is not arriving… impatient.

Barely at departure, the package arrived… Phew… Hot…

I wish I would stop sweating…

Today, I got a ‘Death Sauce’ from one of the higher school grade Teachers…

Once back home, I tried it over Soba…

extreme… hot…painful…

I don’t think it goes well with Soba.


(206th day of 2018)

Today the 30°C feel pretty easy to spend, the sunshine is hot, but it's completely different. My sweating remains the same, though…

Today, I got back home late, but once back, I was just “rattle-rattle-rattle” over the PC… on the way back, bought me a snack and some soft ice…

a meal-break… outside it was aleady bright… slept for only a moment…

morning… the aircon felt chilly.


(207th day of 2018)

Today as well, Fight!

Temperatures are below 30°C today, an easy to spend clouded sky Friday. I'm going to sleep when I’m home... Working various things at a Coffee shop: Drawing a certain storyboard, Checking Scripts;

I bought a lot of tickets again this time, and almost 30 are already gone… Great !!!

And, because I want many people to see it, I also asked for Acting Guidance this time, so that all of it… Dance, Play and Performance can be enjoyed differently than last time… until the very end. So that it will remain in the hearts in many ways…

And Merchandise will also be available! Absolutely!

Please, do come and take a look!!!


(208th day of 2018)

A Typhoon is approaching, I could hear the sound of the wind since the afternoon… The chirping of the Birds got also louder and louder… “Dangerous, Dangerous, a strong wind is coming!”

Mmh… I wonder if that’s what they’re chirping about…

Today as well, the temperatures are lower and it’s easy to stay indoors.

The air-con feels cold today as well... Living at this pace, I hope we won’t get a cold… May we remain healthy… Wishing a peaceful weekend…


(209th day of 2018)

Post-Typhoon clear, and sunny Sunday morning.

The typhoon has left damage in various places.

Everyone, it seems the scorching heat will revive again daily next week.

Even if lively every day, wishing a week full of gentle feelings…

※[Riddle Hint]: " は-も= "

The first half of last week was scorching hot…

and the second, was easier to spend under the influence of the Typhoon,

great work everyone.

The new week may be scorching hot every day again,

but may it somehow be a calm one,

and the days and hours

be spent in warm and gentle feelings,

as well as the fresh Month of August…

May a gentle wind,

a pleasant feeling wind

softly… blow…

It’s alright. It’s alright.

Now, let’s live.

【May a gentle wind blow…

to the rain and landslide affected areas…

and throughout the world…】

※[Riddle Solution]: (ハーモニカ) (Harmonica)

(What the…!)

TN: The syllables «は-も=» sound as : “Ha, a, mo, ni” , same as the word “ハーモニカ “ Har-mo-ni-ca

To the new week

Hot, but warm at heart, fight!

Off we go!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Diary translated by Ani (using Online Ressources)


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