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A plea... for Earth

Thank you for comments about love in the diary of last week.

My thoughts about love, seem to deepen.

By the way, as I wrote before, the marine pollution with disposable plastic and microbeads, attracts attention as a serious problem, and the world's nations begin to move for regulation now.

There are other environmental problems in various ways but the movement is fast when it gets on trend around the world.

It must be cleared "now"…. If the present generation doesn't solve the present problems, the next generation will suffer from them. Therefore it has finally begun to work.

The countries, which think "We can't keep going on this way", have chosen to "advance" to solve the problem. But unfortunately, Japan chose "not to advance" as a country.

Japan has the second place of the world in discharge of plastic per person. How do you take this… .

I usually blame our retrograde Japanese Government for those issues, but I think the quickest way, is to reduce consumption of disposable plastic around us at first. Recycling is good, but not to use unnecessary things is the best in the first place, because plastic is not recycled entirely.

Speaking of Japan, it is the plastic bags of onvenience stores and supermarkets. The supermarkets work on reduction have increased, but stores, which provide bags, still exist, even if it's not necessary.

You could think, you don't want to bring eco-bags at first, but it's comfortable to do it when you get used to it, and when you get more used to do it, it becomes natural. I don't mean I will never use plastic bags! But I better think you should in general, reconsider getting something you will throw away immediately.

And, it is excessive packaging. Gorgeous packing has been favored to express important feelings in Japan. When I think about this, in fact, I have something in my mind: It's the presents which everybody who supports us, gives me.

I understand, that it is from a viewpoint presumptuous, having to say this and that repeatedly. But, would you please simplify it as possible? It's difficult because you think you don't want your present to disappear in others. I don't mean you should do it "completely". There are people who already take care of it, like wrapping with cloth instead. And I don't blame people who don't care about it.

It could mean an increase in time and labor. If so, I'm sorry. I hope nobody feels uncomfortable with this matter.

We feel that when we give someone a present, we can't help wrapping it. But you don't have to care about me. I believe everybody, who knows me, will accept my true intention.

I can't be like MUJICA and RYOKAN, who I respect, so I enjoy receiving things.

Let's think about the Future together, while enjoying the Now.

One seed for the earth

One seed for insects

One seed for humans

When I stand in the field of natural agriculture, I have a lot of things to learn.


Hayato Uchiyama

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