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Burn like Fireworks... at the Show

The LIVE Show Re-play, "Love...WW3" is finally coming this weekend.

It's basically a love story but I ponder a lot for playing the work, which talks about war, on August. Speaking of August, the NAGAOKA FIREWORK DISPLAY is held every year in my hometown.

I think that it is the exceptional effort of people in hope of peace and a result of each other's compromises that Nagaoka fireworks shoot up in Honolulu.

I wasn't able to see Nagaoka fireworks, which I'm looking forward to every year, because I had no time to go home this year. I had thrown myself so much into the lessons of the LIVE Show, that I forgot about that.

I did my best at the LIVE Show in May, but the LIVE Show Re-play was decided, and when I looked back at it from the beginning again, there was something beyond it.

I can say clearly, it's surely better than the last one. I don't intend to live in a way such as "I'll have next chance", "I'll do some other time". Now, that thought is much stronger, and I've been suffering as my soul wears down, thinking this is the final. So I want many people to watch it.

Tomorrow couldn't come as a matter of course even if I've been living until now. I'll stand on the stage with all my soul.

Even if my life remains, the current me will disappear.

I'll burn out like fireworks.

I'll burn out, become the ash, and a flower of a roadside...No, I am glad if the flower of the smile of somebody blooms. Just kidding. ...

Oh, I'm sorry. It's not just a re-play and we've been working on it seriously so we have upgraded!

The white Morning glory makes my heart firm. Staring at beautiful flowers, I give a sigh in the morning.

I found a heart in many leaves of the ANREDERA CORDIFOLIA, which grew at the porch.


Hayato Uchiyama

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