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The last step

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good Morning!

[WW III of Love x 2] Ended safely.

The replay has also ended. Thank you to everyone who visited us.

This time around… to everyone who could not participate,

thank you for your warm support from afar

It was a different presentation of the LIVE Show than last time,

it turned into a new challenge, but it also became a good experience.

In which way, a LIVE Show like this will lead to the next, I don’t know...

I will go on, without putting out the fire, looking for different ways.

For your warm support from now on, from the heart, Thank you very much.

Thank you for spending your time with us, together, in the same space.

[Monday Riddle!]

※Problem: [How can you divide 9 oranges equally among 10 people]?


(217h day of 2018)

The last week before the production.


(218th day of 2018)

3 more rehearsals until the production. Countdown ...


(219th day of 2018)

2 more rehearsals.