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The last step

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good Morning!

[WW III of Love x 2] Ended safely.

The replay has also ended. Thank you to everyone who visited us.

This time around… to everyone who could not participate,

thank you for your warm support from afar

It was a different presentation of the LIVE Show than last time,

it turned into a new challenge, but it also became a good experience.

In which way, a LIVE Show like this will lead to the next, I don’t know...

I will go on, without putting out the fire, looking for different ways.

For your warm support from now on, from the heart, Thank you very much.

Thank you for spending your time with us, together, in the same space.

[Monday Riddle!]

※Problem: [How can you divide 9 oranges equally among 10 people]?


(217h day of 2018)

The last week before the production.


(218th day of 2018)

3 more rehearsals until the production. Countdown ...


(219th day of 2018)

2 more rehearsals.


(220th day of 2018)

Today is the last Practice,

after 2 Months of daily script reading and 1 month of daily Dance Practice, unknown feelings and new,

never experienced settings,

everyone faces a difficult role setting; looking back at the Characters past lives, re-making, pondering, worrying, trying to re-live them as I was alone in the rehearsing Hall and…

when I think about everyone,

I shed tears... I’m Sorry.

End of rehearsal soaked in sweat and tears.

And it’s farewell. We’re all fine now. Afterwards, we’ll send it to the Audience.

We’ll deliver!


(221st day of 2018)

We had off today.

I got exhausted in Body and Mind

I hope everyone can refresh...

I went to Kawasaki Daishi before the actual Show.

When I came last time, the wind suddenly blew the smoke and the Ashes scattered…

this time, I thought such thing couldn’t happen, in so a hot day…

I lighted some Incense, and in that very moment, a strong wind blew, making the wind chimes shake greatly, with a beautiful, gentle sound, and People echoed through the sparse Kawasaki Daishi...

The moment I felt the gentle breeze, turned from a sweaty moment Into a cheerful, a unique moment.

Let’s live a warm tomorrow.

May it arrive gently into everyone’s hearts.


(222nd day of 2018)

Start with one step, then two.

Every Role setting, was more heart consuming than last time;

To hear that it resounded more in the Body than in the Heart, made me sorry but also happy.

I wanted to deliver everbody’s feelings to everyone.

Hopefully a good wind will blow tomorrow...


(223rd day of 2018)

The last step.

Once started, the Performance ends in a blink of an Eye. It was a momentary wind.

Since the last Live Show, the time for the performers to gather was limited,

but we could create something as one, it was days of lot of sweat, many tears, and smiles for everyone.

The performers were willing to come back for a limited Time of several Months, and it was an important time. For a better Play, for a better Show…

To everyone who again, happily, lend us their energy until this point, for the conclusion of this Production,

the most cherished friends and companions, honestly, it was a wonderful time. Thank you very much.

Each and everyone of us, in warm feelings, are willing to take the next step.

※[Riddle Hint]: If you change the shape…

The Typhoon made Temperatures sink a bit in the 1st half of the week,

relieving us a little from the cruel daily heat.

Even if the hot summer continues,

may the new week be somehow calm,

and the days and hours be spent

in warm and gentle feelings.

May a gentle wind Blow…

Into the hearts…

It’s alright. It’s alright.

Let’s live now.

【May a gentle wind…

blow all over the world…】

※[Riddle Answer]: Making Juice.

(Indeed (´∇`●)”)

To the new week

Thank you. See you. Feeling the wind…

Let’s set off!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Diary translated by Ani (using Online Ressources)


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