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The calm after the Show

We were able to perform again the LIVE Shows we did in May, for the Audience who demanded a re-play. Thank you very much.

Some settings and lines of the Character changed, and my partner and I, had been troubled, and suffered to play it with depth.

In this story, I had to imagine my partner would suddenly die in front of me, and I was crying while reading the script and imagining it everyday on the train to the Rehearsal; I thought something would really happen to me, mentally. But the main theme is the line, which is added on the new script.

I think this is it:

"This Moment, will never come again"

When I got the script, I thought it was the message, which Aki-san surely wanted to say, so I felt the importance of these words.

I caught the complete picture again to get there.It won't come with a half- hearted attitude.

I said it with excitement while fighting with me, who ran away from something because I was weak, so I always felt dizzy after I said that line.

I was able to do it with no hesitation as I thought I was OK to fell down, because there were reliable friends, who fought together.

It was so hard physically to dance and very excited to play the scene with TOMIZO but it was good to be able to do it with best effort.

The self-satisfaction wasn't good and could invite criticism. But I did the best I could. If it wasn't good, it was all I could do now.

I got burned out completely so I wasn't able to eat or drink alcohol at the wrap up party, but if there were nothing but the friends who fought together, at the same place to be with, my heart was full.

My appetite is restored now and I get my health back even if I have sore muscles, but don't worry!

Thank you very much to everybody who attended the show and those who couldn't attend but supported from afar.

I feel like I want to go for a roam trip for around a week but I can't.

Well, I'll drink tea.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly translated by: taro. (Thanks a lot! )

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