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Mind Shift

If we’ll have another LIVE Show in this style again in the future, expressing our Feelings with Words, Acting and Dance, I don’t know.

We could just accomplish this Re-Play, thanks to the Voices of those who requested to see it again.

Of course, there were Voices too, expressing their wish to see a ‘Dance – Only’ Show.

However, if the Situation was: Not having the Chance to present a Dance-Only Show, and having the possibility to Dance in front of you in a different Form, we Choose to Dance for you, even if trying something we’ve never done before.

If this was not, what you would have liked to see, I’m sorry.

So far, we don’t know if we’ll ever Perform again a Show in the form of a Theatrical Play, but whatever we’d attempt, we’ll always try to meet the voices and feelings of all those who support us.

For your continuous support to WORLD ORDER in the future, I thank you very much.

Until that day we can meet again, Let’s live warmly!

For your voices requesting this Re-Play, Thank you very much.

2 weeks long, talking only about the LIVE Shows, please forgive me.

We've been having a Mind Shift, and are already working on the Next Project.

It will show us in another, New Form. (_ _ ●)”

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

(Note: This is just a Fragment of the Diary of August 20th)

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Translated by M. Takao

(English Revision by: Ani)


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