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Taiwan and a sudden cold

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

It got suddenly cold this weekend…

How’s your health everyone…?

[Monday Riddle!]

※Problem: [These 2 Letters of the Alphabet, in English, ↓



What do they stand for]?


(280th Day of 2018)

Monday Morning, starting from a cloudy sky,

yesterday it was merry summer weather, although pretty hot… Today, wishing a calm beginning, of a nice weather new week, with warm times…


(281st Day of 2018)

A nice weather Tuesday, except for the heat.

Today, before putting it UP, reviewing of the new MV…

I wonder if it will be already UP, when this Diary comes out…

please taste the Taiwan atmosphere!


(282nd Day of 2018)

In Taiwan, the SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI commercial

is not only been shown on TV, it seems it’s also being streamed on Train Platforms and so on,

Mrs. Lee had sent me these happy News.

If you go to Taiwan, by all means visit SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI!

And, please look for the CM and MV Locations!


(283rd. Day of 2018)

Last night, I met Miu again after a long time,

with a Basketball-Girl short haircut.

"NiiNii, don’t you know Kimpuri?"

(TN: Referring to Boyband King & Prince )

Kinpera? No, I don’t know it…

So she showed me the CD but, to prevent me from leaving Fingerprints, she didn’t let me touch it (LOL)…

What the…!? She didn’t even tear off the protective Film…

And she showed me, how she cover her had with her sleeve, like the Shop Clerk did, to avoid touching it… (LOL)

"Johnny's is amazing!"

There are various groups, I guess...

In our time it was all about SMAP...


(284th Day of 2018)

Clouded sky Friday, departure for Rehearsal,

Rain starts falling it seems…


Is 'fast paced' however… when we watched it in the studio,

we couldn’t stop laughing…

We all, turning into ugly ladies was amusing.


(285th Day of 2018)

This morning, I was dreaming and woke up at 4:00

Lately, I’ve been getting Souvenirs from diverse Friends;

We had a 3-Day Holiday for the 2nd time in row...

it was good…

Today… it’s cold… the temperatures sank down suddenly.

The temperature difference is quite intense this time,

don’t get sick, everyone, let it be a warm weekend…


(286th Say of 2018)

A Cool Sunday Morning, if you wear a T-shirt

it is already like «bbbrrrr», the merry season is over.

From now on, the weather will be getting cold,

It'll be the season for the Kotatsu...

Everyone, may this be a warm Sunday…

※[Riddle Hint ]: S above G…

Thank you for your work this week

The beginning of a new week.

May this week be a steady and calm one,

and the days and hours be spent

in Warm and gentle feelings…

May a gentle Wind,

blow into the hearts…

It’s Okay. It’s Okay.

Let’s live!

【May a gentle wind…

blow throughout the world…】

※[Riddle Answer]: SONG 'S' [ON] 'G'… (゜δ゜●)” Hoo…)

To a new week,

Take care using the heating

Let’s set off!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Translated by: Ani (using Online Resources)


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