• Aki

A week of hectic skies.


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Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Acclaimed Chicken Ramen ・ Natto ・ Nikuman. (Meat-filled Steam Buns). I’m full into it…

I’d like to eat Vegetables and Meat… (* δ * ●;)”

Monday Riddle!

※Problem: What is the thing that disappears, in the moment you say its name?


(287th day of 2018)

Monday start from a cloudy sky, the air cooled down,

Morning it is dark, and the night comes fast…

In the Evening, from my Parent’s house, I heard the voices of Jiiji and Ryosuke doing Math subtractions… somehow healing…Ryosuke got also cheeky, but so cute…


(288th day of 2018)

The Sun was peeking down from the cloudy sky this morning, Then, light rain was falling; Today’s sky was hectic…