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Fragrances and Memories


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Recently, I am addicted to julienne Burdocks with a sharpened kitchen knife. It feels nice when doing so. It also smells good when mixing the burdocks strips into the miso soup.

By the way, I stopped by at a local farmer’s market the other day, and he got Makomo bamboo shoots there. So I made an impulse buy, and made a Kinpira dish. (TN: Cooking style consisting in stir fry and simmer with sugar and soy sauce.)

Of course, the Sesame seeds from Miyazaki are also one key ingredient in making the Kinpira dish.

The sesame smells so good! I found it’s fun to slowly breathe in, and enjoy the sesame fragrance.

And then, I got my favorite chrysanthemum flowers from my parents!!! They taste best by pickling them with vinegar and soy sauce.

In this month’s "Niigata Komachi Magazine", I wrote the title “Artists tend to cost Money….?”. I found I can remember a lot of different memories, which are amazingly clear just like old photos, sleeping with good image quality. I tried to make a good use of them.

In the latest “WORLD ORDER Almost Weekly Journal, I talked about how I met Yusuke-san. If I recalled it correctly, we first met and spoke at a practice place, though we didn’t really exchange the contact information. Thinking that we may not meet again, I heard about Yusuke-san from my acquaintance, and then got connected with him via Mixi (TN: An online Japanese social networking service).

The next, I sent him a message unexpectedly. I wonder if this is the right approach!? And I don’t know whether I should say it’s odd or not. But the message was sent when I was on my way to Shizuoka for my part-time job, a Hero Show.

Shizuoka’s Power is incredible!!!


Hayato Uchiyama


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Kindly Translated by: Flo C (Thanks a lot!)

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