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Hunting and Sowing


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Thank you so much for your recommendation on disassembling (TN: dissecting, dismembering an animal) left at previous Diary’s comment section.

To be honest, I have been thinking about it too. Before I go hunting, I should first learn how to disassemble my prey. After some research, I found places in Kyoto and Gifu that offers disassembling workshops but not in Kanto region (east Japan). Only on one occasion, I found one in Kanto region. However, it didn’t fit my schedule, and was already past when I noticed it.

Well, maybe I should really go to Kyoto and Gifu for this. There must be some people in the countryside know how to do it, and maybe I can learn from them if I moved to the countryside?!.....

While thinking about it, time had passed. So I guess I would better make a move and find a place to relocate again….?!

Nah, maybe not. If anyone knows a place in Kanto region that teaches how to disassemble (animals), please do let me know!!!

Changing the subject. I read in a Newspaper Article that China has put an embargo on waste plastics for agricultural use, such as vinyl Mulch, due to environmental consideration.

Being relying on China to dispose those waste plastics until today, Japan may have to process it in Japan in the future. The immediate impact of this, is the increasing cost of waste plastic disposal, however it is almost impossible to reflect on the selling price of vegetables. Farmers have no choice but to bear all expenses.

It’s a shame I didn’t know that Japan was relying on China on this until now. It’s hard to realize how much time and effort it takes, how much the environmental impact it makes, and how much it costs, if we don’t handle the waste we created ourselves. It’s easy to say you can adopt the Natural Farming with grass mulch, and you won’t need to use vinyl mulch. However, considering how difficult it is to earn a living in the agriculture industry, it’s irresponsible to just say “Let’s switch to Natural Farming!”.

But in any case, I think it is time to question and rethink the entire agriculture ecosystem including consumers. Aside from that, genetically modified forage is widely used in livestock industry, to reduce the costs. This is connected to agriculture and the environment too.

Although it is a big problem, those additive-free or organic foods were rarely seen at convenience stores or traditional supermarkets just a few years ago. Now they become very common, and I believe it is because they are highly sought-after in this era.

Things will definitely change if you demand for it.

I am sorry for the long paragraph above.

I already said that Morning Glory flowers are this season’s last, but small flowers are still blooming.

I started to seed gradually, but it was fun because the seeds look completely different. The big black seed will grow into white flowers, the smallest one is a wild species, and the brown one will be growing into blue flowers.


Hayato Uchiyama


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