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Dreams, Encounters and cold Mornings


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Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※Question : What can be broken without being touched?


(301st day of 2018)

A cold air morning, woke up shivering….

The News on the Sunday Morning before Halloween, about People making Noise and turning a car over, What did they want to do…?

If they would have made an event like the Parade of Kawasaki,

it wouldn’t be like that ...

Today I went to the office.

After going back home, I built STAR WARS Lego with Ryosuke

This is Cool!!!\(゜δ゜●)/”


(302nd day of 2018)

Today, a cloudless blue sky Tuesday;

4 Dango Dumplings and Anko Toast… Delicious!!

At dusk, the pink color of the setting sun

was reflected in the clouds,

it was beautiful.


(303rd day of 2018)

Mornings and evenings had cooled down greatly,

it has turned really cold.

In Shibuya, Halloween is taken as an excuse to make noise and stand out, people don’t dispose their garbage in the trash cans and just seem to riot…

I don't want to be such kind of person.

Absolutely, no one cares if a nobody like me says so,

but everyone would go to the trash can if it was the Hulk…


(304th day of 2018)

This morning is again cold, I woke up shivering.

The air is cold today…

Today, the clouds in the sky look like floating ice, lovely…

Aah… a really pretty coloured cat was near my house…

Beautiful gray and white… still just a kitten, I guess…

ran away when our eyes met… a healing moment…

I won 3300 Y in the Halloween Jumbo…

The next Lucky strike will be the Billion!

Then, I’ll do a nationwide LIVE Tour… from my own pocket...

for a single 500Y coin entrance…

and then, please come… (Dream)

Such a guy would definitely not win…


(305th day of 2018)

Today, again a cold Morning;

Also on the Bike, it’s cold at first but by the time of getting back, my body got nicely warm;

After Stretching on a bench. I was spoken to by a nice bicycle riding Grandpa I always see...

He was eating rice crackers or something like that,

from his toothless mouth, “munch, munch, crunch, crunch”,

little things were spurting out as he spoke,

and it looked like in a Comedy Sketch,

So cute… (LOL) Take care !

Well, this Grandpa didn’t take much care of his mouth, I guess.

Today, the snow on Mt. Fuji can sometimes be seen, then it’s hidden again…

Everyone, don’t let the cold damage your health and have a calm weekend…


(306th day of 2018)

This morning was again cold, during the day, some rain fell,

then nice weather, then again rain and it became cold.