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Meat & Veggies


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Thank you for all the information regarding last week’s diary. In this way, you all teach me, and I will learn what I didn’t know.

I didn’t know that Japan also relies on China for PET bottle recycling, in addition to plastic waste for agriculture use. It seems I still have a lot to learn! Now a lot more companies are developing new materials to replace plastics. I am so looking forward to it. Not only that, I think it is also a good opportunity for us to review every facet of our life style.

It turns out there are quite a few places that offer disassembling (animals) and hunting workshops, such as Hunter Workshop, Shinei Ebisui-san (individual hunter), Kazusanomori, Life Design Village, and Sano-san from Hokuto City. These are all very useful resources for me. And I want to tell you all, it seems everyone is doing some interesting activities!!! There is even a Federal Meat Academy !!! (TN: a school teaching all the processing techniques and knowledge about meat).

Trap Sharing seems an interesting concept, isn’t it? I have checked out the program. But I am quite busy lately, so that I haven’t got registered yet. And my hunting license which I acquired last year is also about to expire. (TN: "Trap Sharing" is a method for hunting without "burdens" but "easy" with "fun". Traditional hunting, which was the first occupation of human being, becomes difficult to continue in the present age because there are many restrictions and restraints in contemporary human lifestyles. "Trap Sharing", re-defines hunting as an activity that everyone can experience easily.)

Though I am kind of aware of it already, I am still quite surprised to realize that my Internet searching skills are so low….. @_@

I read a book written by Ms. Chiharu Hatakeyama earlier, which has a big influence on me. Other than hunting and disassembling, I also like other activities she introduced in the book.

Anyway, I think I will go to learn disassembling within this year. Thank you so much for all your information!!!

Well, I got the new “Isehikari” rice (TN: a mutant species of rice) from the Sakuma Farm (TN: an organic farm that delivers organic farm products directly to you) the other day. Soaking the rice in water, there is a sound in the bowl like bubbles, while I am drinking the Taiwanese tea in the morning before dawn. When I hear such a sound, I imagine the rice is moving cheerfully though it looks still. I am so used to delicious rice from Sakuma Farm, and the new Isehikari rice is also exceptional. I also got a fine squash and winter melon.

I realized that I really like winter melon. Stir fry it with ground chicken meat, season with sugar, mirin and soy sauce, add grated ginger, and finally thicken the dish with potato starch powder…… tastes so delicious…..!!!!

Ah, by the way…..uh….indeed, my home-grown squash is failed this year…… I can’t believe that I cut the squash vines, thinking I was cutting the grass…..!!! I cut the squash vines off from the root…… I can’t believe it…

Time has stopped when it happened, and I sat in the farm field for a while looking at the sky.

Huh, at least I still have the squash seed, and I will be back next year. YES !!!

I did harvest peanuts successfully. Without self-discipline, I boiled and ate them all at once. After all, it is delicious.

The Mountain Wasabi is growing lively again recently. The harvest seems to be ahead!!!

The cotton was also plump.

The Marigold that I bought and sprinkled originally was supposed to be in orange color, but somehow a yellow-colored flower has settled.

During a break, I would grind the rosemary leaves grown at the corner with my fingers…

I feel calm by smelling it. Because the rosemary is sometimes planted even in town, I grind it whenever I see it.

Oh, one more thing, at my diary’s comment, someone said he/she is having persimmon every day. Me too, I am also having persimmon every day now. I get them at Sakuma San's, who puts them in front of the house for sale in “Honor System Self Service” style, like here and there in the neighborhood, I will go from one to the next. Persimmons are not sold commercially in the supermarket, they are basically grown organically without using pesticide.

Having such many delicious foods recently, I feel I am blessed.

I really appreciate it.


Hayato Uchiyama


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Kindly Translated by: Flo C (Thanks a lot!)

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