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Today's Life


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The red ripe figs are really sweet and tasty.


Additional Chrysanthemum flowers from my parents also arrived, which made me feel satisfied and enjoyable just now.

The Chrysanthemum flower I got from my parents are an edible variety. Though I haven’t tried the ordinary variety before, but I guess it probably won’t be tasty.

Recently, I read Ms. Masuda Miri’s comic essay book “Today’s Life”. (TN: A Comic essay book which Ms. Masuda Miri, a Manga artist, published in 2017, about “Today”, given it is a vain day, a happy day, a day of eating delicious food, a day when eternal farewell came………)

It consists of short comic of several frames, drawing the daily life on silly things. Being able to sympathize and smile, to chuckle, or not, is great. In between comics, sometimes there are short essays. Below is the one that remained in my mind deeply after reading.

“The breath exhaling from that small mouth of the baby born today, and the breath that did not spit by the person who died today,

are all echoing. Even it does not exist, the world will not forgive the idea that it is the same.”

Though I am not a person with deep emotion, it was nice to read this book.


Hayato Uchiyama


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Kindly Translated by: Flo C (Thanks a lot!)

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