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Broken Tooth, Broken heart.


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Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※Question: What is a room without floor, ceiling, windows and a door?


(322nd day of 2018)

I ate French fries yesterday after all...

(T . T ○)”

I broke my tooth crown, which is supposed to be very hard and strong, by eating French fries!!! My heart is broken too….

What a feeling. I need to go the dentist in the morning.

I haven’t been under anesthesia, and heard the dental equipment purrs with the scratching sound for a long time, as well as the feeling of the nerve throbbing after the anesthetic effect is gone. (´δ`|||)”

This Monday morning starts with cloudy sky and cold air, and my lower lip is in a sense and mood like Mr. Chosuke Ikariya (TN: He was the leader of the Japanese comedy group The Drifters, and he was called “Lower Lip” in The Drifters movies).

Noooooo…, but … well, let’s go see the dentist Now!


(323rd day of 2018)

Recently I am very into the Showa period and things.

Ms. Kubota Saki's “Foreigner” is beautiful, isn’t it? And Showa period is a nice era. Next year, the Heisei era will be replaced with a new era and new name. I arbitrarily think if the new name is “Kaisei" (Clear sky; Sunny)... what on earth will it change? (LOL)

Everyone, what do you think it will be?


(324th day of 2018)

It was a sunny day today. Though we got the sunshine, the air is cold… going to rehearsal now…


(325th day of 2018)

Today is a cloudy Thursday. The temperature has fallen since yesterday with cold air. Today is so cold……

going to rehearsal now….

To all of you having a 3-day weekend, have a wonderful weekend.

Ah, I got a Christmas request from Miu via LINE, just like that, (LOL) though I am not Santa. NiiNii also has a request: A one year long supply of French fries. But if I really get it, I don’t think I can preserve it... it would be a big problem...


(326th day of 2018)

It’s a sunny Friday holiday, and we get cloudless blue sky since the morning. But what a bummer, the morning air is so…cold.

It’s perfect to have a heating carpet.

And I had the hazelnut toast that I haven’t had for a while (´∇`*)”

delicious as usual.


(327th day of 2018)

It’s a sunny Saturday. It is cold in the morning, about time to prepare the Kotatsu. That’s awful.

And the November Sumo Tournament is ongoing, and what will happen to Mr. Takakeisho concluding the tournament? I am looking forward to it.

Everyone, please keep yourself a warm Saturday, the 2nd day of the 3-day long weekend.