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Racing against the Insects


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Recently, the seeds planted in Autumn are sprouting and growing one after another in the farm field of my house, including radish, carrots, turnip, chrysanthemums, champignons, Chinese cabbage, spinach, and still more lively mountain wasabi.

Cruciferous vegetables, especially Chinese cabbage, are popular with caterpillars. So I am constantly competing against caterpillars in who will eat the Chinese cabbage first. Although it is said, the vegetables are still growing steadily.

I am looking forward to future growth. Other vegetables are growing well without being eaten by insects.

Same to the radish, it is growing freely without being eaten. I have both Mino Early Radish and Shinshuji Radish. The Mino Early Radish has scratchy leaves, while Shinshuji Radish has smooth leaves.

Though the spinach is eaten by grasshoppers a little bit, I get to eat the thinning delicious spinach too.

I attended a training on how to capture wild boar by box trap the other day. I observed how the experienced expert did it.

I also got the chance to observe how to disassemble (boar) since I had spare time, though I didn’t sign up for that part of training.

When I talk about such an activity, I feel that there are a lot of people starting to think about those farmers as victims of wild animals, and seriously thinking whether they can manage to make a use of those abandoned lives.

Both vegetables and meats are important to our life.

This is the Aqua-Line on my way home. With traffic, I got to see the ocean view while slowly getting home.

In this month’s Niigata Komachi Magazine (January 2019 issue), I wrote about the meals I took when I went abroad.

I hope you enjoy it.


Hayato Uchiyama


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