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Warmth, Cold and surprising revenues


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Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※Question: When a certain Nation Dances for Rain, it always rain.Why?


(330th day of 2018)

Monday begins again with cold air in the morning, Sunny weather; Those who could enjoy the 3-day Weekend,

as well as those who, on the contrary, had to work these days, may you have a warm week…

Today I grabbed an Omosubi, filled with Umeboshi,

And Plum is absolutely the most calming...

Yeahh, this week, Fight-o!!!


(331st day of 2018)

When I woke up, I had a bleeding, diagonal wound

on my forehead…I didn’t realized until I was brushing my teeth

(they’re just scratches (LOL)).

This morning, it took me 30 Min. to walk from home to the dentist. I wonder if it rained in the middle of the night… the Leaves look beautiful on the wet ground...

There was an earthquake this morning…

The Dentist is going well… It would be nice to finish before the year ends...

Today, it is sunny and a little warm.

Yusuke’s Chocolate Store is OPEN (Congratulations) \(´∇`●)”


(332nd day of 2018)

Today, the weather became fine again, it'a also again warm.

Going back home after rehearsal, I bought some steaming hot Mega Potato Fries.

I bought them… I'd like to eat them without breaking my tooth…

I definitely love Potatoes!!

Hope my tooth won’t break…


(333rd day of 2018)

It is sunny this morning but cloudy in the daytime.

However, the air was cold from the evening on, Ryosuke said,

Also (he said) that this Morokoshi Taro cost 15 000 Y.

I’ll give you that to buy toys.. (LOL).

A couple of smart Boy and Girl during December and January,

it will be hard work for Dad, Mom, Grandma and Grandpa.

And what’s NiiNii doing… ?

Even though there are a lot of children suffering in the world...

That one day, I may experience what this 2 people will become...

That’s what NiiNii prays for.


(334th day of 2018)

Friday, today it’s a little chilly.

Today is Bread DAY ... croquette · chocolate · and curry bread.

Even so, it still feels warm this year...

The weather is fine today.

Today it’s the end of November; From tomorrow on, it will be December. The remaining Month of the year will also pass in the blink of an eye…


(335th day of 2018)

December 1st. The cold was terrible this morning,

I was shivering, stuck to the heating carpet…

Recently, I sold some of the clothes I was not using anymore at home.

Profit assessment… (゜δ゜●;)” Wow!! Undercover… Amazing!

It will be for Christmas gifts for Miu and Ryosuke,

And New year 's gifts for their family members.

Ladies and Gentleman, (LOL) Lucky!! However…

The treasure still lies at home… ‘cuz

in the same time, there’s JiiJi’s Teeth arrangement expenses…Dental treatments are expensive… Everyone, be careful with yours!

And, coming soon…? JiiJi’s Lottery Ticket-Buy (10 Tix, LOL)

I’ll hit the Billion!! \(゜へ゜●)

So, wishing a gentle Weekend…


(336th day of 2018)

Today, it became a terribly cold day,

Are you doing well, everyone?

Thank you for your work this week too.

Next week, the forecast predicts 20° on Tuesday,

Don’t let the Zig-Zag weather affect your health,

Please take care!

※Riddle Hint: Right, that’s the rough answer.

A new Month, the beginning of a new week.

Every day, shivering cold, Mornings and evenings...

May your week turn out warm,

and be spent in warm feelings.

May every day and hour in this last Month of 2018,

be a gentle one…

May the gentle wind

blow softly

into the hearts.

It’s Okay. It’s Okay.

Let’s Live!! (゜へ゜●)/”

【May a gentle wind…

Blow throughout the world…】

※Riddle Answer: Because they just keep dancing until it rains…

(Eeeeeehhhh… (゜δ゜●;)”)

To the new Week

Stay warm and fight!!

Let’s set off.

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi


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Translated by: Ani (using Online resources)


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