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Nostalgic Memories and more treasures!

For this Diary in Entry in KOREAN click HERE

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※Question: What kind of Pie, would delight even a Father who does not like sweets?


(337th day of 2018)

“The pager does not ring, waiting for love in vain…”

Watching NHK this Morning I heard it… nice song…

During my Highschool time, we use to wear Paging devices. Hanging from a chain, from our School Uniform, on hip-low pants… Conveying words through numbers… it was somehow inconvenient, but somehow nice… Such Pagers seem to be lost...

This morning, the blue sky peeks out, however, it’s a really cold morning. A new week as well…

※2※2 81 31 32 12 21 34 04 02※8

Oh nostalgic... Youth and high school days,

The feeling, saying things with numbers, on the Pager…

Good times...


(338th day of 2018)

Today, the Dentist drill “tzzzzz” reverberated until the Nerve;

It hurt… Afterwards, I’ll do my best just one more time!

Today, as predicted, it’s hot… so nice, you could to spend the time in T-shirt(I would…), but the wind is strong…

The anaesthesia is pretty much gone now, I can’t even gargle or close my mouth…

Today, for the 1st time, I brought an unused wrist-watch back to the seller… (゜〇゜●;)” Revenue assessment: A 5-Zero Cipher. Another treasure coming out of the House…

A strong wind and heat December episode…

On the way back home, I bought 3 frozen Taiyaki

A tiny bit Binge-shopping on the way back…


(339th day of 2018)

Today, we have a beautiful blue sky.

This Morning my bread burnt… it got black and crunchy inside,

It looked alright, and the texture was normal, but the taste was painful… Today's ovens are quick… Uh huh.

Temperatures are high today, and I wanted to ride my bicycle, but, gotta go to rehearsal…

On the way home, I cashed in the ¥ 3,300 I won in the lottery last summer; Yes, I’ll buy 10 Lottery tickets and "E-ma throat Candy"!

Gossshhh, I wish I’d hit it big….

I got some Chocolate from Yusuke-kun, I'm Lucky!


(340th day of 2018)

This morning, it’s raining heavily and it’s cold.

Yesterday, I planned to buy lottery tickets…I bought a Book, a Manga and Yakitori… Ooy!

At the Yakitori Shop, with the Shop’s Mom, Grandma,

and an elder Guy: "This… I wonder if it’s ‘Tan’, or ‘Kajira’…"

and.. When I asked, “What’s this...?” All three people were pondering… but no one knew the answer…

Then the 4 of us were laughing…. HAHAHAAHAHAHA….. (´∇`●)”

It was heart-warming…

‘Tan’, ‘Reba’, ‘Sugimo’, ‘Kajira’…. Itadakimasu!!


(341st day of 2018)

Oha-yogurt… (TN: funny way of saying ‘Ohayou’ = Good Morning in Jap.) Recently before going to bed, I’ve been watching “Be-Bop High School”

I’ve grown nostalgic about the ‘Regent', (TN: Regent, also known as ‘Ducktail’ Hairdo)

When I was around 18, in a Play, there was an evil Bully, who used to beat-bloody a weaker child… one of the guys part of a bad duo, standing out in the class, having a complex in the heart…

Had a Regent-Perm for the first time around that time…

In the dressing room… getting bad, in the style of the ‘Yokohama Ginbae

It was fun... but the sitting while doing the Regent Perm was awful... Like being inside a Bucket-shaped ironing-Plate... (LOL)

‘Bad’ in the older days was kinda nice...

Today, it’s a bit cloudy but a little warm.

Off to rehearsal…


(342nd day of 2018)

This morning, it’s cold, but still nice weather. I warm a frozen Taiyaki in the Oven, warm myself with some Tea…

This is a Picture of a Mouthpiece to prevent Teeth-clenching

while sleeping or Sports, which can easily be shaped by one self… interesting!

They’re available Amazon, 4 pieces for 1200 Y.

For people worried about teeth grinding, or snoring...It seems to be good! Please cherish your teeth...

Have a calm weekend...


(343rd day of 2018)

Now, the year 2019 approaches one step at a time,

What are you all guys doing?

It seems to be plenty of events… please take it gently.

Today... I forgot to ask Santa, the Presents for Miu and Ryosuke... (° Δ ° ○;)

※Riddle Hint: Ah ... there you are ... it's not a dirty Joke!

Will there be a lot this Year-end / New Year's start?

like Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi or something...

Thank you for your work this week!

The beginning of a new week.

May each day of the rest of 2018,

remain unchanged and be spent in warm feelings,

and every day and hour be a gentle one…

May a gentle Wind

blow softly into the hearts…

It’s Okay. It’s Okay.

Let’s liiiive!! \(゜∇゜●)”

【May a gentle wind…

Blow throughout the world…】

※[Riddle Answer : Kanpai (TN: Cheers! like when making a toast.)

(Cheers, it’s a Boy… (゜О゜●)”)

To the new week

In warm feelings!!

Let’s set off.

w Month, the beginning of a new week.

To the new Week

Stay warm and fight!!

Let’s set off.

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi


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Translated by: Ani (using Online resources)


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