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Of chubby cats & toothless sharks

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※If you take all teeth out of the famous movie Shark, something better will appear. What is it?


(344th day of 2018)

Cold, cold weather in this Monday Start…

The Sun peeps out the many clouds in the sky,

The air is too chilly… my room is like a Fridge.

Today, I finally set up the Kotatsu.

Aah… warming up ((*´∇`*))” Tea, Kotatsu,

after this, I just wish I’d have a cat…


(345th day of 2018)

The Air is cold, as in the fridge again today,

it rains in the evening… and it’s even cooler.

Back Home, lying on the Heating carpet, by the Kotatsu,

feeling like a Chubby Cat…

The guitar feels cold too…

The temperature difference between a vehicleand the inside

of a building...

Is difficult to get it right…


(346th day of 2018)

This Morning starts with rain and it’s cold.

Yesterday, Snow fell in several places and it was cold…

Dragging out in such weather today, off to rehearsal…

let’s get warm!

We’re all using our brains and are exhausted…

On the way back I meet Miu.

Children will have Winter holidays soon…



(347th day of 2018)

A clouded sky, cold morning start.

Off to rehearsal… I didn’t even notice the Muscle pain myself,

until everyone talks about it (LOL). Tired.

It rains slightly on the way back…


(348th day of 2018)

This morning starts with cold air as well.

Curled up by the Kotatsu, I can’t get up…

This Moro Design, ‘Messenger Bag’, bought 7-8 years ago

and kept unused: I’ll reinforce the sewing and use it…

It seems, many shooting stars can be seen tonight…

Cloudy sky ... due to the flame lights of the chimneys in the factory area, the cloudy night sky looks Pink...I

wonder if everyone could see a shooting star…

Don’t catch a cold, have a warm and gentle weekend…


(349th day of 2018)

TI made a mistake…

the Sky Picture shown on Friday, is from Saturday…

This morning, only refreshing blue sky, and cold.

This ‘Converse’… the part directly inside the heel was wearing out…

to stop the damage… I tried a bit remodelling.

I chop-chop a part from a pair of old boots,

and sewed it onto the ‘Converse’… I also sewed the part where the shoelace pass through the tongue.

The ‘Boot-Like Converse’ have been completed…

I wish such robust ‘Converse’ were produced...


(350th day of 2018)

The first half of December has past as well…

Everyone, may your days be gentle and warm in the remaining half…

Ah, I bought Lottery tickets. I’ll hit it big! Yass!

Tomorrow is the Dentist, … (/´△`●\) Sob

I hope it does not hurt... Fight!

Riddle Hint: No teeth = Toothless

Great work this week, everyone

The beginning of a new week.

Little by little, the days in 2018 are decreasing,

Little by little, it is growing colder…

Everyone, may this new week too, turns out warm

and your days be spent in warm and gentle feelings.

May a gentle wind blow softly…

into everyone’s heart…

It’s Okay. It’s Okay.

Let’s live… (゜へ゜●))”

【May a gentle wind… blow throughout the World…】

※Riddle Answer: A good storyteller.

(A toothless shark… I’d like to be ”(゜-゜●;)”)


話上手 = Hanashi Jouzu = Good Storyteller

歯無しジョーズ= Ha nashi jouzu = Toothless Shark

To the new week,

Dress warmly and take care

Off we go.

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi


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