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A warm Christmas

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※This Christmas Eve, instead of riding it, Santa might hold the Sled in his Hand.

What kind of Sled is that?


(351st day of 2018)

Monday starts with rain and cold air…

I went to the dentist and ended the year safely

However… it huurrrr r r t…

Until now the pain was strong, but suddenly

it got weaker,I feel...

Back home, after the rain, the wet asphalt and the sun...


(352nd day of 2018)

Tuesday, this morning begins with blue sky.

On the Kotatsu, getting nicely warm with Tea and Sake Manju

What is Sake Manju? You might have seen it in Hakone,

or other sightseeing places.

They smell kind of great...


(353rd day of 2018)

Clear weather. This week the warm days are many…

Well, to rehearsal… The book which I only read during transport time, is progressing and gets intriguing,

At the half of the thick paperback ... I’m curious...

Even in the packed train on the way home,

I’m concentrated while getting squeezed…

And well, the rehearsals come to an end…

we were using our heads, honestly, it was difficult…

Until it reaches your eyes, look forward to us all,using Head and Body, doing our best in full rotation!


(354th day of 2018)

Sunny Thursday, gentle morning sky; In the evening...

the voices of Ryosuke and Grandpa chatting in the Bath were audible… Winter vacation starts tomorrow after school, it seems... I was healed by these two’s conversation.

I also used to soak in the Bathtub with Grandpa when I was a child, and was counting until 100 seconds or so...

Grandpa is telling the same things to Ryosuke now…

I wonder if Ryosuke will have once the same kind of memories…

It gives me warm feelings…

Cheeky but yet adorable… Ryo and Miu…

Watching these 2 people since they were babies… growing up,

now and then I scold, but when they get teary-eyed

I just want to hug them tightly...

Would be a pity if they turn out to be bad guys.

May Santa come to these two this Christmas...


(355th day of 2018)

Today again, final rehearsal;

Came to Shinjuku after a long time.

Using my body a lot, exhausted…

On the way back, I walked half the way…

I feelt like sinking in orange color... worn out Grandpa…

From tomorrow on, it’s a 3-day holiday.

At everyone’s Jobs too, may you all have a calm weekend.


(356th day of 2018)

Saturday begins with rain, a day covered in grey clouds,

A dark sky Saturday.

I got not a classic Taiyaki, but a Leaf Shaped Taiyaki

from my Parents! Delicious…

A relaxing break by the Kotatsu…


(357th day of 2018)

Today too, a Sunday covered by grey clouds,

Rain sprinkles, however, the air is not too cold

for a rainy day, and it is easy to spend.

I feel that there were many days of high temperature this week ...

Thank you for your work this week everyone.

※Riddle Hint: Take a look at Santa's face

The beginning of a New Week

Merry Christmas!

May the new week turns out calm

and be spent in gentle feelings,

May you have a warm Christmas,

and warm days and hours in the new Week…

May a gentle wind

Blow softly… Into the hearts…

It’s Okay. It’s Okay.

Hey… Let’s live \(゜へ゜●)”

【May a gentle wind…

Blow throughout the world…】

※Riddle Anwer: A Razor

(TN: = “ A Beard-Sled” 髭 ソリ . “Sori” [ ソリ ]means Sled but also Razor ).

Does Santa have that look all year round?

He might like to shave that beard… (゜δ゜●)”)

To the new week

To a warm Christmas…

Let’s set off.

PS: At the Year-End Fan Event Show,

in the traditional Lottery game,

I will give away Two Copies of the First Manuscript Draft of,

“World War 3 of Love” in its first version,

before any production changes,

before any mistake correction…

“What? There was no such scene,

There was a scene like this or...”

Please look forward to this version,

which will be only known by the winners...

Since there are only four of them,

in the PC and also at hand,

The other two will be given away in Osaka...

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi


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