• Aki

Ending with a smile

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Also during 2018, for your warm comments

full of gentle feelings, Thank you very much.

Monday Riddle!

※What will People who dislike new things, shout after the New Year countdown?


(358th day of 2018)

Christmas Eve Monday, the sky is sunny and Santa is getting lost! Though this morningthe wind is cold…

Today we shot a new song which we had been repeatedly rehearsing… Somehow we had a good time…

for such a super cold-day… However, it was such a thrilling time, like going back to boyhood.

Too Bad, no Christmas Feeling at all with ‘Donbei

and 'Menma' (LOL)

And then, went into a Dream about ‘Abunai Deka’…

(TN: One of Aki San's favourite TV Series)

A warm time, everyone…


(359th day of 2018)

Merry Christmas!

This morning, I couldn't wake up… I wonder if my body is tired...

Today it is sunny again, good weather. Let’s go to the shooting… "Wut?" Waiting at the Bus Stop, is Ryosuke, Blabbering,

all by himself…? He seems talking to someone...

Apparently he just came to see his friend off...

“Let's build Lego together...” "Nyinyi is going to the shooting now"

"Wait... What do you mean, Lego…?"

It seems, a present for Ryosuke, from Santa Claus has arrived, Great!

I said Bye-Bye to Ryosuke… Now, I'm focusing in the Shooting.

~finished shooting safely. Exhausted.


(360th day of 2018)

This morning, my body is exhausted,

a heavy, cracky-bodied, cold Wednesday morning,

somehow, my body felt today like C3PO…

I got cake from my Parents’ house.

Thank you for the ‘one-day-later’ Merry Christmas!

End-of Year feeling, eating Soba and Cake…


(361st day of 2018)

It’s fine weather today. The temperature is not too low...

Pleasant weather, nice to spend;

Today is Joony’s appearance in the Theater (Pikaichi);

Off to the Globe Theater…

Johnny was working hard and was shining!

I was not able to say Hello because I was in a hurry…

I was impressed by his good shape and hard work.

The person who called me back was in a hurry...

I’m Sorry for not being able to talk properly.


(362nd day of 2018)

Yesterday, I fell asleep as soon I left the Kotatsu and laid down… my body hurts… however, today it’s extremely cold… but still nice weather.

Those who came to the Fan Event Year-End Party,

it all passed so fast by…

those who unfortunately could not participate

I could not speak to you in such a short time.

Next year too, we’re willing to go right straight.

Thank you for your support in the Future.