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Amazing dreams and a forgotten Cake

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!!\(´∇`*)/

Monday Riddle!

※ What is a person who complains about “It’s too cold” or “I might catch a cold”, watching on New Year Morning?


(365th day of 2018)

New Year’s Eve sunset sky. Today at my parents, the three of us spent a peaceful gentle time,

We ate Toshi-koshi Soba and laughed¸

it was a warm New Year’s Eve.

Great work for the Year 2018, everyone,

May you have a nice New Year’s Eve…


(Day 001 of 2019)


In the Morning, I went tot he Rooftopto see 2019’s first Sunrise. The air is awfully cold in this New Year’s Morning,

the sun keeps hiding behind the fluffy clouds.

This Year too, going straight ahead,

Thanking you in advance for your support.


(Day 002 of 2019)

Drank too much last night, sleepy, sleepy… (- . – ●)zzz

This morning too, nice weather but cold air.

Since New Year's Eve, I’ve been having a laugh with both my parents during the Meals at their home.

A warm every-day time.


(Day 003 of 2019)

3rd. New Year’s day. This morning, nice weather too.

Last night I had the first dream of the year…

I was on a Bike, on a cliff-road going down a tremendous slope, there were 2 Tunnels down the road, on one side, in something like a Water Pool, there were people floating and swimming,

on the other side, there was Light,

and as I descend the Hill, my Bike turned into a Bicycle,

and I was going straight into the lit Tunnel…

then I woke up… it was 3:00 am…

A long day, saving Video takes, while looking like

‘Tabizaru’ (TN: An NHK’s TV Show).

That Dream was amazing.