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The value of being independent

I went to learn disassembling (animals) the other day.

I also learned how to find footprints and traces left by animals and how to trap them, in addition to how to do disassembling to the point the body is separated into parts. Everyone did it all together, but I was really tired after that.

The Animal Trail.

Setting up the trap in the middle of the animal trail.


During my 2-days / 1-night trip this time, I learned the bits of life in the woods, walking in the forest in the evening and chopping firewood for the bath and wood stove in the room.

At the beginning of the story, I misunderstand that human beings are the greatest, but it is wrong.

I was told that I should never forget that little bugs, microbes, or birds are all alive. I thought it was good to learn it before I started this class.

Today, due to human beings, the balance of nature has collapsed. The increased density of deer causes over-browsing of tree trunks and branches and puts other wildlife such as insects and birds at risk. After listening the story, I understand that human beings have to put their hands on it (deer) after all. There is nothing wrong with deer, but we should try our best not to waste their precious life.

And, if you live with dependence on something, you can’t really say whatever you want to say. All in all, it will gradually become such an atmosphere. The country has become like it right now.

In order not to be so, I have to be able to do things myself (not depending on something).

Listening to such stories and reasons of why being self-sufficient, I was practicing what I wanted to do, and it became very fruitful.

Same for food, seeds, energy and water. If you rely on something indifferently, it will become a dominant relationship if you notice it.

It was an opportunity to think again.

Two days I spent in the woods, my feelings have settled down quite a lot.

I want to learn more.


Hayato Uchiyama


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