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Big Brother II

We've announced our new song “BIG BROTHER” on Januar 25th. Have you seen it yet?

We have been considering this, since the time after our LIVE Show, last August. However, we got “Missing Beauty” in between.

Now It was finally announced!

Although we tried to use the story of 1 interlude many times since several years ago, it was rejected because the tune and theme was not matching. And then, during the 2nd time of A melody (TN: around 1:44 in the video), the body form of Yuusuke-san is also as treasured as a secret.

Please watch it over and over again.

I went to see the movie “Ranhansha (Diffused Reflection)” the other day. Just a little action that you usually do casually, may be connected to an unexpected event. This was a movie that made me think.

This month’s Niigata Komachi magazine was also released (March Edition).

This time, I wrote a story about Tea, which happened when I went to Taiwan the first time.

Tea is nice!!


Hayato Uchiyama


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