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Big Brother

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

The Time-lapse by Joony… Amazing ((゜δ゜●))

An Iron Man ‘Hulk-fighting’ kind of Suit…

Or like a ‘Pacific Rim’ Robo-Suit

By all means, Please enjoy!!

Monday Riddle!

※ What’s the relationship between the results of the Following Equations?

1+2、4+5 、6÷2、10-1


(Day 021 of 2019)

It’s cooold… but the weather is nice

Cold Air morning start… taking just the head out of the Kotatsu, like a Turtle… it’s such a morning.

Today, the first full moon of the year,

a Perfect beautiful Circle, floating in the cold night sky.

But... it was to beautifully glaring to be photographed.


(Day 022 of 2019)

Ah… this Morning, Mampei San finally revealed

how the Chicken Ramen is made (TN: Referring to NHK Series ‘Mampuku' )

Today we have nice weather too;Tuna-Mayo-Cheese Toast,

and I wanted to eat Ramen but I had Pasta.


(Day 023 of 2019)

Today we have blue sky too.

Temperatures will rise during the day, it seems…

Today, from attending the preliminary MV Editing meeting...

to having a drink (eventually until the morning) with Actors from Kukan. (TN: The Kukan-Engi Theater company, in which Aki San works from time to time)

Young as long as you live!!

Take a firm step into Tomorrow, and live!!


(Day 024 of 2019)

Today, I watched the ‘Buratamori in Rome’ Episode

which I had previously recorded, while eating dinner on my own by the Kotatsu; He recited his Monologue really well…

"Tamo San is great… it was a healing time, I love it…"

a Guy-in-his forties' monologue (LOL)