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Preparing for Osaka

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※ When is the most important time in life?


(Day 028 of 2019)

Monday, the beginning of a new week, will be a sunny warm day. Now heading to rehearsal….

Some body movement which is healing…..


(Day 029 of 2019)

Today will be a clear sunny day. During the daytime with sunshine it is warm, but it is still cold at night…

I get some tasks today and need to come out at night……

I ate a lot of garlic……will I be okay tomorrow?

(It is not black garlic (TN: which doesn’t have the smell like traditional garlic))… LOL)


(Day 030 of 2019)

Well, today is a nice day too. Now heading to rehearsal, GO!!!

We are making a lot of choreographies for the Osaka LIVE performance too.

And then, practice, exercise and sweat!!

Naomi Osaka…..oh, Osaka, I look forward to it!

Let’s enjoy the stage together!


(Day 031 of 2019)

Today begins with a cloudy sky. And then it rains,

with darkened cloud curtained in the sky for the whole day.

At night, it rains heavily.


(Day 032 of 2019)

In the morning, a strong wind blows and makes the windows shake, with sounds like “something was blown off”.

Today is a windy day…..

In the evening, I was able to meet up with my senior,

the actor Iwainofu Ken San ,[TN: A.k.a Kubo Yuya].

It’s so nice that Yuya San and I can have a drink in Kamata (haven’t be here for long time) before it disappears…..

OurGang [TN: A Bar Aki san used to visit frequently since his school days, which will close definitely this month after 36 years) is fully packed up.

The Master, Mr. Yuya, Mr. DO and myself, we four went on bar hopping (4x)….I drank too much….I was sleepy (LOL)……

It was a good day though!


(Day 033 of 2019)

I have hangover, and my head throbs (LOL).

The sunlight makes me feel dizzy…..It’s a nice day today…

I was disappointed about the soccer game yesterday

[TN: Japan national team lost to Qatar during the Asian Cup, 1:3].

It seems it will be a sunny day on Sunday…..

Wish everyone a calm weekend.


(Day 027 of 2019)

If you notice again, bread is the only food shown in my diary. It seems I don’t have enough vegetables……

I want to eat vegetables…..

is my diary next week going to be about vegetables??

Good work everyone for this week!

※Riddle Hint: Of glass

The beginning of a new week.

Everyone, may your new week be calm...

May you spend it in gentle feelings,

and every day and hourbe fluffy and warm……

May a gentle wind,

blow always, softly…

into everyone’s heart…

It’s all good. It’s all good.

Let’s live.

【May a gentle wind…

blow throughout the world…】

※Riddle Answer: 10s (teens)

(重大….huh, I see……what about the 40s? (゜δ゜●)”)

[TN: 10代 (pronounced “jiudai”), same as the pronunciation of 重大 (Important)]

To the first Monday in February,

and to the new week,

With a warm feeling,

Have a good day!!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi


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Kindly Translated by: Flo C (Thanks a lot!)

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