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Through the barriers

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※ If you remove the contact (lenses) and look at a Coke, what would you see?


(Day 035 of 2019)

Today is hot, or I should say the sunshine was hot…..

The temperature went up remarkably during the day at 19°C, and then suddenly dropped down again on my way home… got cold…..

Our rehearsal this week for the Osaka Show is also going well,



(Day 036 of 2019)

There are many clouds this morning, and it turns to a sprinkling light rain in the evening with cold air instantly……

what was that heat yesterday???


(Day 037 of 2019)

Wednesday begins with a rain and cold air.

It seems that it will be warm again tomorrow…

The weather zigzags back and forth… head to rehearsal……Today I got a Niigata wine from Ucchy-san, and I also receive one bottle from Tomizo-san. Thank you very much!!!

I guess I will have a drink (LOL)!


(Day 038 of 2019)

Today I left home in the evening.

It’s pleasant to see my ideas gradually form in shape.

There are still many barriers in front of me…

However, the moment I pass through a barrier, the loop of excitement spreads... so I shall keep fighting!!!


(Day 039 of 2019)

Tonight too, there was a situation that made me go home late.

But I learned a lot… I felt doctors are cool after all.

It was amazing…..but I felt tired … (゜ δ ° ●;) as well as nostalgic at the same time, because I was at the place where I had my Achilles tendon surgery…..

I wonder if I can become a doctor from now…..?

It is impossible I believe because my hands tremble and I would fail !!!

It seems that it will snow tomorrow…..what kind of weather it is….


(Day 040 of 2019)

It is a snowing Saturday, the first snow of the year.

The roofs around the house were whitening since morning,

but the snow didn’t pile up…