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Going Local

I went to a workshop for old private house renovation.

First, I repaired the inclination of the tilted house.When I tried to lift up the pillar at once, the gap gets intensified and the walls are broken. So I lift up a little bit here and there, and I gradually lifted up the whole pillar.

I also did a detailed work. I removed the clasp of the electric wire one by one with the tool, put the masking tape on the glass door and repainted it, used the electric saw to cut the wood, and then screw drive the cut wood into the wall with the impact driver.

There was a tin part of the original wall. In order to not let the waste of tin released, a wood was nailed on top of it into the wall. I was impressed by the ingenuity, to avoid the tin waste as much as possible.

The lesson I learned from the people is also interesting.

The persimmon juice coating was also nice, though I didn’t participate.I also cleaned up the feces of masked palm civet on the attic.

It was fun to talk to Mr. Takasaka, who took care of the rice field, after quite a while.

For lunch, we had chicken eggs, raised with non-pesticide food from neighbors, as well as the homemade rice, miso and soy sauce (of course, all pesticide-free) by Mr. Takasaka. It was delicious!!!

It was really fun to see solar sharing and Mr. Takasaka’s home with minimal objects. Fun people got together, a good community was formed, and a good circulation was made.

I actually don’t feel any globalism appealing, instead, I feel localism is full of charm and has lots of potential.


Hayato Uchiyama


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