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An issue we all should think about

I went to a disassembling experience event hosted by Hunter Workshop.

Although the figures may be a bit different from my own memory, it is said that 1.13 million cattle are captured nationwide a year, including both deer and wild boars, and of which only 90,000 are used as meat. In order to sell it as meat, it is required to disassemble it at a qualified disassembly facility.

However, because it takes time and effort, there are only a small numbers of disassembly facilities available, and in addition there is radioactivity in some prefectures, the number of captured cattle being abandoned is overwhelmingly large.

Though the government administration did have the budget for harmful extermination, it seems the budget is mainly used to kill under the current situation.

Because it is the precious life, Hunter Workshop is really energetically active, in order to make a good use without wasting it.

When conducting the radiation test, I understood the hotspot. I thought the approach of cooperating with corporate while decontaminating it is also interesting.

So, even I was learning how to disassemble, but I had a really good time listening various stories. Those stories from hunters that can’t be heard easily, so was also very precious.

Everyone got to disassemble or walk the hunting dogs. And at night, we had delicious dishes and exchanged information. It was a fun day.

The size of moose is really surprising.

I was interested in hunting for various reasons.

One factor is that I knew that most of meat sold at supermarket was livestock raised with genetically modified feed. When asking my neighborhood supermarkets if their meat use genetically modified feed and how they process those unused meat, most of them answer “We use up all meat” or “I don’t know that much”.

I heard that the self-sufficient rate of the calorie-based food in Japan is low because it depends largely on importing inexpensive fodder. Herbicides that contain strong carcinogens are scattered in genetically modified crops.

For the sake of health, in order to make the environment sustainable, as well not to rule over Japanese species and foods, I began to choose meat that does not use genetically modified feed. Recently, there are more places growing fodder and sticking to it. However, it is still far less overwhelmingly.

On one hand, in order not to spend money, eventually… is exactly now that Japanese farmers will suffer. On the other hand, spending a lot of money on harmful extermination to prevent farmers from suffering damage, there are lives that are abandoned.

I think it is an issue that entire Japan should think about


Hayato Uchiyama


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