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Snow & Chocolate

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※ If the pink fatty tuna (o-toro) is 300 yen, how much would the medium fatty tuna (chu-toro) be?


(Day 042 of 2019)

Monday starts with a sprinkle of snow, super cold air,

and gray cloudy sky.

For those who are off today, hope you warm up at ease.

For those who go out, please FIGHT!


(Day 043 of 2019)

Tuesday morning starts with a blue sky.

There is no snow today, but the air is cold~~~…….

This donut with white bean and cream paste was so sweet and delicious (´∇`○)~● that my cheeks fell…


(Day 044 of 2019)

It’s another day with the sky covered with pure white clouds….

Though the forecast said it would be cloudy without rain today,

it seems it will rain today too…

Today I am at the office….I felt a new breeze…..what a good day!


(Day 045 of 2019)

I got chocolate from Miu-san and my mom! (LOL)

It is sunny today, but the air is still cold.

Recently, I get more opportunities to use rhe PC…

I mean I stay home most of the time….

To get myself concentrated before using PC is tiring….

I mean not to listen to things…. By the time you notice, 8 hours or more have passed…


(Day 046 of 2019)

I found it’s snowing when I am about to leave home…. a sparkle of snow at first was nice, but it turned to a steady snow…

it’s chilly cold… I will do my best at the rehearsal today……

On my way home, it was totally sunny with the snow piled up….

Today I sweated a lot during rehearsal… it feels good…


(Day 047 of 2019)

Sunny!!! The sunlight on Saturday morning is dazzling….

↑ I was healed by the video above.

Recently YouTube is my only channel for mind healing…..


(Day 048 of 2019)

It’s a Sunday with cold air and sunshine since the morning. This week beginning with a snow has been cold and snowed twice in the week.

In this week with zigzag type of weather, everyone,

cheers for your good work!!

※Riddle Hint: “how much” (pronounced as ikura = same as salmon roe) -> Sound of Bubbles popping

The beginning of a new week.

Everyone, may your new week be calm...

May you spend it in gentle feelings,

and every day and hour

be fluffy and warm……

May a gentle wind,

blow always,


into everyone’s heart…

It’s all good. It’s all good.

Let’s live !! (゜へ゜●)

【May a gentle wind…

blow throughout the world…】

※Riddle Answer: Wrong

(medium fatty toro is not salmon roe… oh (゜δ゜ ●;)”)

To the new week,

Take care with a warm feeling,

Have a good day.

PS: Sorry for not having a Weekly Journal this week,

It seems that the file we Shot got damaged...

Because it was Valentine’s Day this week, we were talking

About Yusuke San’s Chocolate store ‘D’renty Chocolate’...

And we were talking about this!! ↓ (´∇`●)/

Next Sunday March 24th You can experience WORLD ORDER’s Dance personally!

We will have a Dance Lesson for Children,

as part of the JTB’s Children Project “My First Travel – My first experience”.

This won’t just be a simple Dance lesson,

but the chance to make use of Body and Mind…

We’ve planned to try diverse challenges while experiencing

the WORLD ORDER Dance Moves in a fun way.

And while the Dance Skills are rather irrelevant, the focus

lies in encouraging Children to try something for the first time, I think…

And also on that day, the “WORLD ORDER Dance Meeting Spring 2019”

A single Day to experience with the Members

Let’s Move the Body together and feel good!

Let’s share smiles and a comfortable tiredness!

Everyone, don’t miss it, please join us!

Thank you so much.

Sorry for the long Diary this week too…

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi


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Kindly Translated by: Flo C (Thanks a lot!)

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