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Rain and Theater

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※ There are three people, Jason, Dracula and the invisible Man.

Among these three, there is only one who does not work... Who is it?


(Day 056 of 2019)

Monday, starting from cloudy skies.

Today, the temperature is increasing and the day is easy to spend. Despite the rain forecast, it did not rain.

A sunny day and a calm beginning.

Today, I definitely want to eat Takoyaki ...I bought some…

because I was in Osaka…I’d like to go back again…

Once again, people came from different places abroad for the Show, Thank you very much.

It was a warm atmosphere and time!


(Day 057 of 2019)

Today as well, Tuesday starts with cloudy skies.

Today I ate a lot of sweets, and lots of pastries,

and I also ate lots of Ramen…

Mampuku, Mampuku, Mampuku Ramen!


(Day 058 of 2019)

Ah… it’s unpleasantly cold today… before leaving, I hesitate of going back, however… just leave, as it is…It’s cold…

Today as well, beginning the day with cloudy sky…

Hope the rain will wait until I’m back home… Off to rehearsal… Well, it did rain.


(Day 059 of 2019)

Gray sky and pouring rain since the morning, this Thursday.

I saw a video of the rehearsal yesterday...

I wonder if it will reach your eyes someday...

A 40-year old grandpa, dancing with a smile...

Looks like fun (LOL)

Waa, also February is already over….


(Day 060 of 2019)

The morning starts with rain, and it also rains around the time I leave. Puddles build in the wet asphalt, the wind is cold,

I wonder if it will get warm if the sun shines...

Today is the beginning of March, Spring is coming.

I wonder if cherry blossoms will bloom beautifully this year too...


(Day 061 of 2019)

IToday, together with Tomizo San and one of the Kukan-Engi Company Actors (TN: Theather Company with which Aki san sometimes work) and acting school teacher, we all went to Shimokitazawa to see Taki San’s (Yusuke’s Co-star in our last Live Show) Theater Play…

The content was great, and the Script so interestingly written, that you didn’t feel the time...

I learned a lot…


(Day 062 of 2019)

A rainy Sunday, and also chilly air Sunday.

Great Work this week everyone…

Just realized it’s March already… so fast…

It’ll be Graduation Season from now on,

a Season of Good-byes and new beginnings…

Everyone, may your new first step be a warm one…

※Riddle Hint: Each colour ?

The beginning of a new week.

The beginning of a new week

The beginning of a new month

May everyone’s new week and new month

turn out calm, and every day and hour

is spent in warm and gentle feelings….

May a gentle wind,

blow always,


It’s all good. It’s all good.

Let’s live \(゜へ゜●)" !!

【May a gentle wind…

blow throughout the world…】

※Riddle Answer: The invisible Man

(Colorless ... colorless ... everyone is colorless ... !!

(TN: Colorless /Transparent (無色) and Unemployed (無職) are pronounced the same (むしょく/ Mushoku)

Well then, see you next week! (゜δ゜ ●;)”)

To the new week

To the first Monday in March, take care and

Have a good day.

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi


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Translated by: Ani (Using Online ressources)


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