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Blossoms & Beans

Rapeseed flowers are blooming.

Though the harvest is done before the flowers bloom, the field work is fun when the flowers bloom as well.

I got an insecticide leaflet written about a neonicotinoid type of agricultural chemicals by chance the other day.

I feel the leaflet is very helpful. Neonicotinoid is used not only for agricultural pesticide, but also for things that are closely related to daily life, such as insecticides. Because it is based on a neurotoxin, please be aware that it affects not only insects but also the human body.

The non-roasted chocolate and cacao that I ate recently were very delicious. Though cacao tastes a bit sour (TN: adding unique floral flavor makes it taste sour), I become like it. The raw materials are simple too (TN: only contains cacao beans and brown sugar)!


Hayato Uchiyama


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