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Grandpa in charge

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※ Whose house is 10 meters away?


(Day 070 of 2019)

8 Years since that March 11th,

on TV, the images of that day and hour flow,

A never changing town, a gradually changing town,

the never changing smiling faces…

The smiles of the people of the Tohoku region during our JATA shooting… (TN: Series of Commercials for the Jap. Travel Agents association)

even now, I don’t forget the powerful feelings coming of those smiling faces…

Let’s live the atmosphere we felt there!

And also the warmth of cherished people


May a gentle wind blow forever…


(Day 071 of 2019)

Blue skied, warm Tuesday.

The orange at sunset is also bright and dazzling


(Day 072 of 2019)

Continuing with blue skies, a spring sunny Wednesday

Departure to rehearsal... Step by step towards May.

In May, we’ll make full use of the stage width, as WORLD ORDER will have the largest number of members,

With 8 people, we’ll run down for this memorable Show!

Ah... I have a correction to do:

Some time ago, I used the wrong kanji for the word Show.

The right one is this here → (披露)!

I apologize and correct !


(Day 073 of 2019)

First of all, Yusuke Kun, Happy birthday!

Kakegawa Shizuoka Ambassador, Chocolate Patissier,

WORLD ORDER’s Handsome guy in charge, Mr. Tom Yam Kung etc. Many faces lie behind Yusuke’s crawling genius;

Also in the future, for your Support to Kakegawa and WORLD ORDER, Thank you very much!

"Kokko, Kokko pyo kokko…" (TN: Jingle song of "Kokko" a typical Shizuola pastry. Listen to Yusuke San singing it HERE [min 12:26] )

I'm also a friend of Shizuoka's .

With my first Bike, a Hi Ace, around the age of 18, together with actor Iwaino Fuken, we drove until Shizuoka City at high speed, watched the Fireworks and went to the Beach!

Did I see the Kokko CMfor the first time also at the age of 18…?What do you think? Good? No?

I think I'm a Shizuoka ambassador in some way…

Not having any connection is a handicap, but still I'd like to…

Well, Miyazaki also use to mix up things…

My Mom and Grandma are from Sasebo, thereupon, Nagasaki is good too! I don’t think I can become Nagasaki Ambassador either, so then let me be Master of Kawasaki Daishi !

People would only show up on New Year, I guess…

Because Kawasaki is dangerous… and has some naughty skinheads...

Stand firm Kawasaki, Not only the Frontale!

I’ll be WORLD ORDER’s Grandpa in charge! Yaaaas ! (LOL)

Wait... what kind of person is that… ? Insane!

Ben Johnson (LOL) Carl Lewis, Joyner

Mexico’s Campos, Colombia’s Valderrama, Darby…

Aaahh nostalgic... it’s almost over, the Heisei Era...

Well, Let’s go watch "Abunai Deka"!

What’s all this talk..? I really don’t know! I was trying to mix…

It was so long, it stinks

And this stinks too! (LOL)

※ I am sorry for the long text with Incomprehensible meaning...

and I apologize in advance that the text of the days after this will be extremely short.


(Day 074 of 2019)

Sunny, a little cold… rehearsal with 7 members… Good fun!

And I thought it was going to end...

Today... From the girls who co-starred in “WW3 of Love"… Graduation ceremony and ‘Thank you’ message...

Although as old as this 4 people’s Parents… I shall follow their progress on their further professional road, as a father and grandpa, and always supporting, I think…

young until the end…

May you all live a warm life! Congratulations!