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New Discoveries

I started to use eco wrap, and it is really good.

Cover the bowl with eco wrap and wrap it with your hands. The beeswax coated on the surface will become soft with the temperature from the hands and fit perfectly. Once removed, it will return to its original form, and you can just slightly rinse and dry it before using it again. The idea is amazing. And I was able to reduce my disposables a little bit.

Thanks (for this invention)!!

This week’s sake is natural sakes from Chiba.

Kido Izumi Sake Brewery is making sake only with pesticide-free rice and additive-free. Because it is aged Sake, it is in a color a bit darker than amber. And it was interesting because it did look like old Sake. (The two bottles on the left in Photo 2)

The Daigo Sparkling from Terada Honke Sake Brewery is so great. I can drink it forever and ever. Good to see another great drink to come out. (The bottle on the right in Photo 2)

This month’s Niigata Komachi monthly magazine was also out. I wrote a story about morning glory which is important to me.

Writing an article is never an easy task, but I try my best to write so that I won’t regret later.

One more issue, it will be three years since I started.


Hayato Uchiyama


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