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Connecting our Lives

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Tokyo. It will be fun even if you just walk around with various flowers blooming everywhere.

I watched the “Hunting Series” of Caligula on Amazon Prime. (TN: “Imada x Tono no Caligula”, is a variety program)

Because it is a variety show, there were also some jokes. However, I think it would be nice if there are people who watch this show, starting to get interested in Hunting. It was really worthwhile to hear the story of the veteran hunter.

I think it’s cruel to kill animals. But the hunters all receive the weight of those animals’ lives, and they learned a different way of thinking little by little.

I can also sympathize with the words, “I think life is not so heavy….” that Mr. Hattori (TN: a survival climber, appeared in the Caligula show) was saying. I am afraid I may mislead you to cut out only few information here, so I hope you can hear the whole show.

I was also impressed by the beauty of the cooking process (dissection) by Mr. Katagiri (TN: a wild boar hunter and a cook). I respect his taking serious care of everything. We live by connecting our lives.

And, a little bit of advertisement here.

The Hunter Workshop which helped me the other day, seems will have new projects using the closed schools in Kimitsu, Chiba.

Here is the crowdfunding page:

Each staff member at Hunter Workshop has his/her own specialized field, and it becomes diligence. I am actively supporting the creation of the system in order to make effective use of deer and moths being abandoned by harmful control.

I appreciate your support and cooperation.

This year, I also prepared and stocked up the miso.

I always rely on Marukawa Miso’s miso make set. Recently I am particularly convinced that though seasonings are not cheap today, but it is definitely better to use proper ones. It tastes good and it is good for the body. If the salt you use to make miso is not natural salt, it won’t taste delicious. Same as making pickled plum. While refined salt will make your blood pressure increased, the natural salt will prepare and condition your body. Even when eating sashimi, the soy sauce with cheap additives will destroy the taste of sashimi. There is no need to buy extra expensive things, but just things made by the method from old days. If you choose the right one, you won’t have to buy this and that. The result is you don’t have to spend unnecessary money and your kitchen will be clean.


Hayato Uchiyama


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Kindly Translated by: Flo C (Thanks a lot!)

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