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Flower power

A few years ago, I can always say there was a flower in my room, but such kind of opportunities have decreased recently.

The flowers sold at the florists are, of course, beautiful. However, I like small flowers that bloom in the field better.

If you take a walk outside, you will be satisfied with it, and start thinking “I don’t really have to decorate my room with flowers”.

In this season, I like Tare Vetch’s flower the best. But there are many other flowers that I like too. Dandelion is bright and yellowish, and I feel a sense of closeness to it because I have been drinking dandelion coffee and eating its leaves. And when the field horsetail also grows, it becomes fun.

It is said that if a field has grass growing, that means the soil here is good, and it is a bit more acidic than usual.

A place where various kinds of plants are growing makes me feel good.


Hayato Uchiyama


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Kindly Translated by: Flo C (Thanks a lot!)

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