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Sakura week

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※ What is a machine that revolves more than 500 times


(Day 091 of 2019)

I heard about the New Era's name, on the train going to rehearsal...

The New Era will be [令和] (Rei wa), it seems

(TN: Meaning 'Order and Harmony' or 'Beautiful Harmony'),

I wonder if the next will be ‘Mystery Spirit’ ← Sure not (LOL)

(T_ T●;)”

I’m just kidding, excuse me… (。_。●)”

This day, the weather is orderly, harmonious clear and sunny,

a warm Monday begin; Let’s enjoy the remaining Month of the

Heisei Era, to the fullest! Fight!


(Day 092 of 2019)

Today, it’s a Sunny, Cherry Blossoms watching day,

However, the air is cold… Tuesday…

Today, I was walking with the other Members, as we were approached by an Italian Fan, and we made a Picture together! We’re usually not approached by Japanese people, however… Being recognised by foreign people… it’s a nice thing…

With the entrance of 3 New Members and, in order

to be Noticed by more foreign people, let’s do our best!


(Day 093 of 2019)

Today is also sunny... but the wind is still cold today...

How long until Spring…? Today again, rehearsal

towards the Nagoya Show…

and towards the work on Saturday, Fight!

Brain in full operation with all members, Fight !


(Day 094 of 2019)

Last night, the 3 New Members were announced.

All 8 Members, including the 3 new ones, we really, really appreciate your support for WORLD ORDER from now on!

We’re in the middle of rehearsals to meet you in Nagoya...

Please look forward to!

Today too, off to rehearsal... Fight!


(Day 095 of 2019)

Today is the School entrance ceremony rush...

Ryosuke was all along in the 3rd grade... (LOL)

Myself, I was all along in the 1st Grade…

How about you all?

On such a day, a warm, spring weather, and pleasant wind Friday, the cherry blossoms seen from the car window were also blooming beautifully.

Today as well, off to rehearsal…

However, although no cherry trees can be found in my neighbourhood… for some reason, cherry blossom petals were scattered on the ground…I wonder if they were blown by the wind… So then, let’s absorb them into the body one by one…Concentrate, concentrate, Fight!


(Day 096 of 2019)

I experienced an unexpected warm moment

The foreign clerk working at the convenience Store

I usually stop at, during rehearsals… remembered my face,

and in the moment he saw me, said “Here”

(with foreign accent) and offered me a cup…

I had to smile involuntarily Thank you very much (´∇`●)”

I also wanted to remember his name...

Today, we had work at Shin-Yokohama, as 5-Man group…

Lauch of the fusion Robot!! \(゜δ゜●)



(Day 097 of 2019)

This week, from a cold air week start,

to a warm spring breeze, and beautiful cherry blossoms weekend.

Everyone, did you see the cherry blossoms?

Next week as well, may you spend the hours

Feeling the calm Spring…

Great work this week !

※ Riddle Hint: Shake Shake × 500 = (car ...)

The beginning of a new week

May the days and hours in every one’s week

Turn out calm and be spent in warm, gentle

And beautifully harmonious feelings…

A gentle wind blew...

Feel it, Let's live !!

It’s Okay. It’s all good. (゜∇゜●)

【May a gentle wind…

Blow throughout the world…】

※Riddle Answer: Car Wash Machine

(Shaki-Shaki x 500 = 1000 -Shaki ... or should it... (° δ ° ●) ")

(TN: 1000 - Shaki = Sen-shaki sound the same as ' 洗車機 ' Car wash machine)

To the new week,

in warm feelings

Have a good day

PS: Next week, the Diary will come about

after returning from shooting abroad...

Thank you very much

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi


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Translated by: Ani (Using Online resources)


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