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Island feeling

I came back from Cebu Island a bit ahead.

Genki-san, Aki-san and Tomizo are still in Cebu doing some editing.

It was somehow a hard shooting this time, but thanks to the full cooperation of QQ ENGLISH, a lot of good images were taken, so I'm looking forward to completion!

Of course we’re always in Suits, but from people who have being living in Cebu for about 15 years, we were told, "This is the first time I've seen people in suits around here."

In transit, we had to walk in the shallow water in the middle of the night, boarded a boat, and crossed over a thin Board with a heavy suitcase by descent... a pounding experience.

We walked on a long pier and embarked on a boat, but we could not go sightseeing; However, we could enjoy the feeling of sightseeing in the intervals between the shots.

It was really nice to swim a little in the sea, on the morning of the day I came back home.

"Wouldn’t you like to go to the island by boat to see more beautiful sea and fish (of course, for a fee)?”

Said offer was replaced in turns with bits of pleasant conversation, and after declining every time, I continued floating and swimming.

My sunburned face still hurts a little.



Hayato Uchiyama


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