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Hello, good morning!

I became a new member of WORLD ORDER.

I am Kakefuda Takuro.

Here is the artist profile photo that I got.

I will do my best to make myself fit in this suit look from now on.

Have you seen this week’s “Almost Weekly” with new members joining for the first time?

I was so looking forward to “Almost Weekly”, and happy to be out and fully open to you all.

From now on, I think I would like to do something fun together with all members and everyone who supports us.

It is a relaxing season with cherry blossoms still blooming.

Calmly, but lightening with a flame of passion, I am working hard towards the Nagoya Live Show on 5/6.

It is full of difficult things because it is a performance with a dance style that I have never gone through before. There is no way to have fun while trying new things with all kind of challenges!

But I think when I have a passion, I will be able to surpass various things. Now, I am working hard with passion!

I would like you to see the new WORLD ORDER by all means.

Thank you in advance!


Takuro Kakefuda


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