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From Cold to Hot

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Came back home to Japan… just now

April 18 Thursday 14:17pm

And afterwards, meeting at the office.


Monday Riddle!

※ (TN: We're Sorry, but we were not able to translate Aki 's Riddle this week.

Suggestions are welcome!)


(Day 098 of 2019)

Monday morning starts with rain,

feeling a strong rain after a long time…

the Cherry blossoms are scattered

And, completely different to yesterday, the air is cold…

Getting warm and sweaty at the Rehearsal!


(Day 099 of 2019)

Clear Tuesday morning, but the cold air was dragged along

from yesterday to this chilly morning...

although temperatures rose a little during the day,

they didn't reach the spring level ...

Another Tuesday facing the PC…

Lately, I’ve been doing it deliberately,

and today I could advance a little…


(Day 100 of 2019)

Wednesday morning starts with rain,

today, the air turned cold, almost like back in winter…

Today after the rehearsal ... all 8 of us went to the WO weekly Journal shooting, everyone felt the cold and the sinking temperatures, I hope no one will get sick...


(Day 101 of 2019)

Today, it’s clear; the weather would be sunny and spring-like

I thought… but the wind is cold, the shadow is cold...

Today too, off to rehearsal.

Tomorrow, I'll wake up at 3 o'clock leave since the early morning...

I haven’t prepared anything at all yet...

Waaaaa... I wonder if I will sleep at all…


(Day 102 of 2019)

Departure early morning, still dark… Just a few scattered people in town, walking 30 Min to the station…

From today, we fly to Cebu for about a week,

to shoot the MV of our new song.

A challenge, shooting against the temperature difference

and the heat! Fight!

Everyone, for the rest of your week and the new week,

May you have a warm daily time...

Then, off to Cebu Island, we came for shooting and… Wut..??

A Fireworks and Buffet Party.

Today, it was a day of travelling by Train, Plane,

and by Boat in the night…


(Day 103 of 2019)

Shooting Day 2.

Last Night, we went by Boat to shoot in a solitary Island.


(Day 104 of 2019)

Since the morning, shooting in the crushing heat…

My face aches…

Great work this week everyone…

The days in Cebu will continue...

The beginning of a new week.

May the rest of your week be calm,

and every day and hour,

be spent in warm and gentle feelings…

A gentle wind blew ...

Leeet's live !!...

It’s Okay. It’s all good.

【May a gentle wind…

Blow throughout the world…】

To the remaining week,

tomorrow will be warm too

Have a good day


The 21st, we’ll have the JTB Trip and Dance Lessons

for Children and Adults.

Let’s move the Body with the Members!

Please come and join us.

※By the way, monthly lessons will be held, towards

the Children trip and training camp in August,

where the Skills learned until then, will be displayed in a Song.

From April until August, aimed towards the End-Show with us,

let’s learn the Movements of WORLD ORDER’s Music,

in a fun and detailed way, directly from the members!

We will announce here the Song we’ll display in August.

Let's create a page of memories together!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi


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Translated by: Ani (Using Online resources)


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