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Time off & Wine

The article about Wine in which I participated, by the web magazine “CAVE”, (which also interviewed and introduced D’RENTY CHOCOLATE’s founder Yusuke Morisawa the other day), was released.

This is a project that, for each of the 3 prepared wines, the cooking expert Ms. Oda Eiko made a vegetable dish to pair with it, and I just need to enjoy the pairing wine and vegetable dish.

By matching wine and vegetable dish, it became more delicious than just eating the dish alone. It was really amazing.

This month’s Niigata Komachi monthly magazine was also released.

Initially, it was only for one-year, but it actually marks the exact 3-years this month. The number of words I wrote now has also become many times more than that of the day when I just started.

I worked hard one by one to make it here, but I decided to temporarily put it off here. The reason is as written in the column this month.

It really takes time to make a dream come true. Once I am settled down, I am thinking of starting it again. When that time comes, please continue to support me on writing again.

The books of this week.

I have read Mr. Kyohei Sakaguchi’s other book before, and I get some courage. I have always been thinking about money. It requires a lot of money living in a house and eating, “Why you need so much money if you just need to live?”, I am not sure about a society where you have to endure various things and work with stress?

I take this book (TN: “How to Make an Independent Nation”) seriously and think to move into action.

But even if I can’t, I will still try to find things that I can do for myself and a way of life that makes me feel really happy. (TN: the book on the right in the photo)

The book (TN: “According to Ripples”, a fictional story, about how the death of a woman spreads to her family, friends and acquaintances like the ripples caused by something dropping in the lake) by Kizara Izumi (TN: the pen name of a couple), depicts the authors world view on the glare of life, which I feel wonderful. (TN: the book on the left in the photo)


Hayato Uchiyama


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