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Living with the Kings

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※ What makes your hand shake when you try to lift it?


(Day 105 of 2019)

Cebu Day 4, because today there are Classes at QQ English,

the morning atmosphere is completely different from the weekend, outside there are teachers and students chatting...

Until the edition time in the afternoon, there was no time to take a class, because… I was writing in the room…

Although the scenery seen from the window is a Resort,

no matter which country we’re in, I’m usually confined indoors

Beginning of Monday, only with different scenery and air...

What are you doing... ? (LOL)

Editing work from afternoon to late night today,

making everything from camera, drone and editing,

Mr. Jones and the remaining three members...

Tomorrow since the morning, to the actual shooting,

Then, to editing again... but I’m too sunburned,

burnt face... bright red...


(Day 106 of 2019)

Cebu, Day 5, the weather is hot again today.

In the morning, I drew a picture of the scenery seen from the window... The sky at dawn is really beautiful.

Well, editing work, and taking pictures, then, to shooting...

I hope it’ll become a nice work…

But today is again hot in Cebu...

The skin of my face is crunchy and

I’ve started to peel it off already today...

fast... dirty... skillful…

What are you doing!?


(Day 107 of 2019)

We-we-we-Wednesday, Cebu Day 6…

The last editing work today, for going back home tomorrow.

We came to Cebu for 3 days shooting and 3 days of editing,

6 days at QQ ENGLISH, going home tomorrow on the morning flight, Daily Life mixed with the foreign students...

We didn’t come to study or to play…

A week in which, although I didn’t know with what face I should spend the days…shooting being sunburned and bright red,

it felt as being one step ahead of summer,

6 days in which the sunburn aching was healed by the beautiful scenery and air.

After returning home tomorrow, working in rehearsals again and

Doing our best towards Nagoya.

To everyone involved in Cebu Island, Thank you very much!

QQ ENGLISH, until next time, studying abroad…

one day (T ΔT ●)


(Day 108 of 2019)

Early Morning, before Sunset at QQ English, 5:30 am

It’s Holy Week (Eastern) in Cebu, from today on, School Holiday.

Today, after returning home, I have a Meeting at the office...

Carrying the Big Luggage in the evening, is exhausting…

Let's rest and slow down for tomorrow's rehearsal... what the..?The new work is UP on the very day I return.

Because it’s, as always, a work packed with hundreds of thoughts from diverse people,

and I was myself in Cebu until a little while ago,

and because it’s a work packed with the smiling faces of the teachers... personally, I love it.

Everyone, please watch and repeat hundreds of thousands of times.

Even the Edition group, after watching hundreds of thousands of times, always finished up with a smiling face after all.

The last Music Video of the Heisei Era.

Everyone, please watch hundreds of thousands of times and smile!



(Day 109 of 2019)

Today, off to rehearsal…

Ah, it's the new song MV, and all the performers were

QQ ENGLISH teachers, not a single actor appeared.

And yet... Aren’t they all playing well?

Quite like an actor... even thery're no actors at all ..

I also wanted to play one of the KINGS…

If you search for teachers in the QQ ENGLISH's teacher search, you will be able to watch the video messages of the teachers themselves, and receive classes if you make a reservation!

Please search by all means!

I have been searching myself (LOL)

I wanted to book a KINGS LESSON…

Aah, Japan has a pleasant spring weather...

I’ll do my best at the rehearsal today!

On the way back, I went for a drink with my brother after a long time.



(Day 110 of 2019)

It was a slow-down day after a long time,

I dedicated to write the book which I'd stopped doing in Cebu.

The Sunset orange seen from the rooftop after a long time was vivid.

Tomorrow, I’ll do my best at the JTB Travel project!


(Day 111 of 2019)

For the JTB Travel LESSON today, Thank you very much!

We used a lot our heads and bodies, and although it might be throbbing inside the head… Please rest, slow down and try to remember and practice with the review videos!

※Riddle Hint: Furniture

The beginning of a new week.

May everyone’s week turn out warm,

and every day and hour,

be spent in warm and gentle feelings…

A gentle wind has blown ...

Leeet's live !!...

It’s Okay. It’s all good.

【May a gentle wind…

Blow throughout the world…】

※[Riddle Answer: テーブル - Table (TN: Phonetic: Teburu)

Te (Hand) + Buru (Onomatopeia for shivering, like «brrrr»)

HaHaHa (Onomatopeia for laughing) (゜δ゜ ●)”)

To the new week,

to the warm spring…

Let’s set off.

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi


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