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Shaping it and... growing

Good morning! Hello! Good evening!

This is Takuro, still with the heat, not yet cooling down, from the 1st stage performance of the newborn WORLD ORDER.

The opportunity of my joining WORLD ORDER came from Tomizo-san’s college friend, who told me about this.

When I was studying for music in New York, I heard that WORLD ORDER was looking for new members, but I didn’t think that I would stand in the singing position at that time. Without a doubt, I thought my position by default would be as a dancer.

On the day when Yusuke-san came, I was surprised to hear that I could possibly stand in the singing position. Though the final decision was not made yet on that day, I remember myself talking to Tomizo-san and Yusuke-san that I wanted to do it. It was a fun time.

Honestly, to be accepted and possibly to stand in the position where Genki-san used to play, I was scared to death.

I have been working hard on dance, but neither animation nor robot dance has come.

The LIVE Show, for which I have practiced for 3 months, was officially finished. I want to grow if I am still not good enough.

I think, Continuation is power. I will do my best to become an existence with increasing depth every time we meet. I want to share a happy time with everyone. I want to think about lots of fun things.

On this day, when we met with the new member Doru-san, I was convinced that we could all do our best. I will try to shape it.

Sincerely. I appreciate your continued support.


Takuro Kakefuda


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Kindly Translated by: Flo C (Thanks a lot!)

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