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A lost Sole

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

What is the star with a "Re" in its name?


(Day 126 of 2019)

Nagoya Blue Note, 2 Performances,

Although it was raining in the morning… by the time of departure, the clouds cleared and it got warm.

Well then, Off to Nagoya!

The Debut Show for 3 People, may they have a warm time…

And then... the Members receiving everyone’s warm cheering,

and all New members taking this new Step in the best shape,

we were able to conclude it.

From a WORLD ORDER which began with 7 People,

To this WORLD ORDER with 8 people, Thank you so much for your continued support!


(Day 127 of 2019)

It’s sunny in Nagoya,

Last Night, all 7 Members had a drink in Shizu’s room…

It was a good time!

Back to Tokyo and start moving towards the next Show,

the JTB Dance Lesson, the 12th.

Absolutely, come and see us all 7, including the 3 New Members!

Tokyo… is cold…


(Day 128 of 2019)

I was able to relax all day long today.

Eating Akafuku, while watching “Fantastic Beasts”, having a cup of tea, eating Akafuku, Rattiling on the PC, eating Akafuku…

I bought it intended to be a souvenir, but I ate all of it

so quickly during the evening… (/´へ`\;)

There are many products similar to Akafuku,

but… Akafuku has an exquisite balance of Anko and Mochi...

I could eat 1000 Akafuku…

I could eat 1 Trillion French Fries…

I’d like to eat alternating french fries and Akafuku...


(Day 129 of 2019)

Taku's favorite massage items...

I copied him and buy from Amazon...

I will heal my Sore body...

And today, departure in the evening.


(Day 130 of 2019)

Today, the weather’s fine and temperature so warm,

that it's OK to wear a T-shirt.

To a Meeting in the Office today…

The train completely empty... (゜-゜●)” It was a strange feeling...

And, at the end of the meeting, I had a relief cup of coffee…


(Day 131 of 2019)

Today too, a rising temperature, warm Saturday…

The sole of my shoes peeled half off…

Looks like the blade of a speed skate...

On the way back... buy some gum and make a provisional repair,

but as I hesitate between leaving it, and buying Glue,

At the end, I go back as it is, without change…

But then, I notice, the sole of the shoe was left behind...

Seems as it fell off in the middle of the street…

I didn't notice it for a while...Why on earth…?

If I turn it, the other side seems to also come off... Why on earth…?

I’ll buy nails and glue on Amazon and fix it as soon as possible.


(Day 132 of 2019)

‘JTB Travel’ DANCE Lesson, for the 3rd Time,

the New members are also participating!

Thank you everyone for joining us today!

And in August, a Fan Tour in Kakegawa has been announced, everyone please come and join us!

Today too, rest the tired Body, and from tomorrow on,

also for the new week, Fight!

The beginning of a new week

May each day and hour,

in everyone’s New week

Turn out gentle and calm…

A gentle wind has blown…

Now let's live…

It’s Okay. It’s all good.

【May a gentle wind... Blow throughout the world…】

※Riddle Answer: Shooting star (or meteor)


流れ星 ( Nagare = Shooting Star)

がレ の星 ( Can be read as: A star with "Re" in it's Name, but also as "A star with "Na" before "Ga-re" )

HumHumHum (゜δ゜ ●)”)

To the new week

In warm feelings...

Have a good day.

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi


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Translated by: Ani (Using Online resources)

And Flo C (thanks a lot!)

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