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A lost Sole

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

What is the star with a "Re" in its name?


(Day 126 of 2019)

Nagoya Blue Note, 2 Performances,

Although it was raining in the morning… by the time of departure, the clouds cleared and it got warm.

Well then, Off to Nagoya!

The Debut Show for 3 People, may they have a warm time…

And then... the Members receiving everyone’s warm cheering,

and all New members taking this new Step in the best shape,

we were able to conclude it.

From a WORLD ORDER which began with 7 People,

To this WORLD ORDER with 8 people, Thank you so much for your continued support!


(Day 127 of 2019)

It’s sunny in Nagoya,

Last Night, all 7 Members had a drink in Shizu’s room…

It was a good time!

Back to Tokyo and start moving towards the next Show,

the JTB Dance Lesson, the 12th.

Absolutely, come and see us all 7, including the 3 New Members!

Tokyo… is cold…


(Day 128 of 2019)

I was able to relax all day long today.

Eating Akafuku, while watching “Fantastic Beasts”, having a cup of tea, eating Akafuku, Rattiling on the PC, eating Akafuku…

I bought it intended to be a souvenir, but I ate all of it

so quickly during the evening… (/´へ`\;)

There are many products similar to Akafuku,

but… Akafuku has an exquisite balance of Anko and Mochi...

I could eat 1000 Akafuku…

I could eat 1 Trillion French Fries…

I’d like to eat alternating french fries and Akafuku...


(Day 129 of 2019)

Taku's favorite massage items...

I copied him and buy from Amazon...

I will heal my Sore body...

And today, departure in the evening.


(Day 130 of 2019)

Today, the weather’s fine and temperature so warm,

that it's OK to wear a T-shirt.

To a Meeting in the Office today…

The train completely empty... (゜-゜●)” It was a strange feeling...

And, at the end of the meeting, I had a relief cup of coffee…


(Day 131 of 2019)

Today too, a rising temperature, warm Saturday…

The sole of my shoes peeled half off…

Looks like the blade of a speed skate...

On the way back... buy some gum and make a provisional repair,

but as I hesitate between leaving it, and buying Glue,