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Bon Jour

It’s Friday.

After the Nagoya Live, I was a little bit sick. Being free and resting is the best method. I am completed cured.

I tried to study French and bought a book, but I realized that I did not have a machine to listen to CDs. It is a lame excuse, isn’t it?

I can’t remember the character if I try to memorize it directly without knowing its proper pronunciation. I think my type of language learning is to memorize by ear, so I lost my motivation.

At that time, I was distracted by the opening of Genki-san’s Fish Shop. It is so cheap and delicious no matter what you eat.

It really became my favorite. Everyone, please try check it out once. I highly recommend it.

By all means when you come to Nishi-Nippori.

Looking at Genki-san, who is prompt in action, I thought again that I should try to do my best too.

Ok, I will try to find a machine to listen to the CD.

Well then…




(Ryuta Tomita



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