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Introducing the new WORLD ORDER Members!

Takuro KAKEFUDA - 掛札拓郎

From: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Born on: August 5th 1986

Hobbies: Watching Movies

Dance Career:

Dance history of 13 years LOCK, HIP HOP, JAZZ.

Started dancing at the University and came across LOCK dance,

then learned HIP HOP and JAZZ.

In addition to Dance, many Commercial appearances.

Has a wide range of activities, including TV dramas, movies,

and stage activities, as well as idol-group choreography.

● Reason for joining WO:

'The main reason is that I got the feeling that individuality is valued.

I thought WORLD ORDER itself Is interesting as a performer, and I also like their worldview.'

● Impression of WO before joining and after becoming a member:

'Although I felt it a little hard because of the suit image, everyone in the office,

Genki-san, and all of the members were surprisingly friendly.

Even though it is a man-only group, the members are too kind and highly agreeable. Rehearsals, should surely be insanely hard, but it’s still fun. It’s a strange feeling.

It’s going to be a good team!, I thought.'

●Goals and greetings to the Fans:

'I would like to work with all my soul to meet the expectations of all the Fans who have loved WORLD ORDER so far.

The new Members have strong personalities and are very talkative (LOL) specially me (LOL), but being all the Membes, also seniors,

so gentle and easy going, we’ve encountered a very familiar atmosphere. I would be happy if we could enjoy this atmosphere together.'

● Others

'It would be great if it becomes a group in which we can enjoy the time together, both On and Off stage'.

Instagram : @takuro_kakefuda

Translated by: Ani (using Online Resources)

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