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Introducing the new WORLD ORDER Members!

Kosuke SHIZUNAGA - 静永紘介

(a.k.a ‘Shizu’)

From: Tokyo, Japan.

Born on: June 24th, 1994

Hobbies: Kendama, Sake

Dance Career:

2015 Max Out Dance Battle - Runner-up/

BUZZ STYLE 2016 - Nagoya qualifying runner-up/ BUZZ STYLE 2016 - Final Runner-up/

BUZZ STYLE 2017 - Nagoya Qualifying winner/ BUZZ STYLE 2017 - Final Runner-up/

AUDC (Asia University Dance Championship) - Tokyo qualifying winner/ Final 4th Rank/

BIGBANG TOKYO 2017 - Runner-up/ BIGBANG OSAKA 2017 -4 Rank/

All Japan University Dance League 2016 & 2017 - Season winner/ 2017 - season MVP/

2018 Battle of Kobe (3on3) – winner

WDC2018 KANTO – Best 8

● Reason for joining WO:

I joined because I wanted a challenge in new fields that I have never experienced before.

● Impression of WO before joining and after becoming a member:

I had the impression of a Team with an extraordinary strong sense of leadership.

After becoming a member: It’s fun in a much more relaxed mood than I imagined!

●Goals and greetings to the Fans:

Although still being inexperienced, Thank you very much in advance for your Support!

With the Freshness of a new member, I will do my best with full power!

● Others

Please tell me if you have any recommendations for a good Sake, as I’m a bit addicted. LOL

Instagram : @kosuke_shizunaga

Translated by: Ani (using Online Resources)

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