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Important education

Because of its popularity, it seems the Hijiki from Iwai Island has become out of stock more often.

So, when it’s time of the shipment, and if you find it in the shop, you need to get your hands out and grab it first. It smells so good that you feel like to breathe deeply when you open the bag.

And this is the roasted seaweed that I found a little while ago.

It can be served over rice or thrown into miso soup. It, of course, doesn’t contain additives, nor does salt. Thank you.

And recently, I am addicted to wakame stalk. I am getting used to the texture which is a little bit crunchy.

I am indebted to seaweed very much.

By the way, such a news caught my eye.

It seems that the opinion from the citizen has finally been recognized.

While more countries are now regulating this herbicide (TN: Roundup Weed Killer by Bayer) notorious for its dangers, it is sold everywhere in Japan. How many people who buy this, know about its danger?

While knowing the danger, but still decided it as “Safe” and issued the approval, who will take the responsibility later?

How many farmers have been forced to go out of business in a lawsuit against this company?

There are a lot of genetically modified crops grown with this herbicide imported, how much dose Japan support it?

It is said that in some Nordic countries, education is given to “understand the background and the whole picture until a product is made”. I think it is very necessary for Japan. Very much.


Hayato Uchiyama


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Kindly Translated by: Flo C (Thanks a lot!)

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