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At least tell me your Name...

“Wait a minute!"

It is a dialogue that seems to be heard very often in a scene of a drama.

While thinking that I would like to say it someday, it does not go so well in reality.

Speaking of words that I want to use but can’t quite find a chance to, like: “I am not a person to speak of” (or “I would rather stay anonymous”). (TN: This is usually used when you do something good to others, and you are asked the name. However, you think you didn’t do anything big so that you refrain from giving your name), there is a famous dialogue about this.

However, to use these words, “At least, tell me your name.”, I need to tell it to someone.

“At least, tell me your name!” I have to save a girl who gets entangled in a villain to have me say that. There is no such a situation in today’s world, isn’t there?

Depending on the grade of the villain, there is a possibility that I can not save the girl. In that case, it would be safe to call the police, right? The police officer would rush in, and the villain would be overtaken. And since it’s me reporting to the police, the police officer would ask me this question.“Can you tell me your name?” I will be fully prepared and answer, “I am not the person to speak of” (or “I would rather stay anonymous”).

The moment of joy when I can use these words finally, I may be taken to the police station together with the villain, because of my incomprehensible words.

It’s not going very well in real world.


Yusuke Morisawa


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