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Genki Sudo to enter Politics

As many of you might have heard of on Social Media, Genki Sudo is entering Politics and will candidate to be a member of Japan’s House of Councillors (Upper House). ( Original Tweet)

I have decided that the FAN SITE will NOT follow Genki San’s political activities, or post any kind of Information related with this topic. I will try to explain my reasons Here:

- I don’t like politics in general. I believe that, together with religion, Politics is one of topics which divide people the most… but we are all one.

-I don’t have a clue about how Japan’s government is built and how it works, so I have no way to build myself a real opinion yet.

-Even if I had the means to make myself an opinion, as A FAN SITE, I won’t take any political position whatsoever.

- Yes, Genki Sudo is WORLD ORDER’s Creator, Producer and “Father” but I do (and have always done) see them as TWO separate Entities or Individuals, who can grow separate from each other.

- Personally, I would prefer WORLD ORDER as artists NOT been related with Politics in general, or any specific Political position or Party, so that’s what I will try to do as FAN SITE. (However, I don’t know how the Group, or Genki San will handle this).

As a private person, once I made some research, I hope I can build an Opinion about the events in general, and his Political orientation, goals etc. but, I won’t comment it on this Fan Site.

The FAN SITE will (of course!) continue promoting and supporting Genki San in all his other activities as entrepreneur, sportsman, thinker and artist.

It remains unchanged that either as Fan Page or as private person, I still (of course!) deeply admire and respect him, and wish him all the best in all what he does.

For all people wanting to know more about this topic, we recommend to use the usual Online research resources.

Thank you very much for your Understanding


Ani J

Fan Site Admin.

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